Guidelines For Sabarimala: What to Do and What Not to Do


What to Do

  • Rest for 5 minutes after walking for 10 minutes during your ascent.
  • Take the traditional Marakoottam, Saramkuthy, and Nadapanthal path to reach Sannidhanam.
  • Follow the queue system to access Pathinettampadi.
  • For your return journey, use the Nadapanthal fly-over.
  • Use designated toilets and latrines for urination and bowel movements.
  • Assess the current crowd situation before proceeding to Sannidhanam from Pampa.
  • When using Dolly services, make payments only at the Devaswom counter and retain the receipt.
  • Comply with security checks at designated checkpoints.
  • Seek assistance from the police if needed.
  • Report any suspicious individuals to the police.
  • Purchase food items only from licensed outlets.
  • Maintain cleanliness on the paths, at Pampa, and at Sannidhanam.
  • Park your vehicles only in assigned parking slots.
  • Dispose of waste in designated waste boxes.
  • Utilize the services of medical centers and oxygen parlors if required.
  • Ensure that identification cards with your address and contact numbers are worn around the neck of children, the elderly, and malikapurams (girls).
  • If separated from your group or friends, report to the nearest police aid post.

What Not to Do

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  • Mobile phones are prohibited within the temple premises.
  • Smoking is not allowed at Pampa, Sannidhanam, or along the way.
  • The consumption of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • Please respect the queue and do not attempt to jump ahead.
  • Be patient and avoid rushing while waiting in line.
  • It is prohibited to carry weapons or any explosive substances.
  • Do not engage with unauthorized vendors.
  • Use the designated toilets and latrines for urination and bowel movements.
  • Avoid making extra payments for any services.
  • Don’t hesitate to approach the police if you need assistance.
  • Dispose of waste only in designated waste bins.
  • Coconuts should not be broken on the Pathinetampadi.
  • Coconuts may only be broken at designated locations on both sides of Pathinettampadi.
  • Please refrain from kneeling at Pathinetampadi while ascending the sacred steps.
  • Use only the Nadapanthal flyover for your return journey; other paths are off-limits.
  • Do not rest at Upper Thirumuttam or Thanthrinada.
  • Ground mats (viris) are not permitted on the pathways at Nadapanthal and lower Thirumuttam.

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