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Gavi Travel tips for the picnickers to Gavi, a beautiful forest village in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala and you will love your One Day Gavi Tour to this scenic tourist destination.

Are you planning a trip to Gavi? Visiting the forest Village, Gavi can be a thrilling experience.  This beautiful tourist spot locates in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. A lot of people visit this eco-tourism spot each year to enjoy its natural beauty. Besides, you can enjoy many thrilling activities during your trip to this destination. The Kerala Forest Development Corporation manages this majestic picnic place. Gavi surrounds rich cardamom plantations and a trip to this place can be a wonderful experience.

There are two routes to reach Gavi. You can choose the Angamoozhy village or Vandiperiyar route by road to reach here.

Route 1: Angamoozhy Village

Angamoozhy is a forest area belongs to Seethathode in Pathanamthitta district. You need to take pass from the Angamoozhy Forest Office for the passengers as well as the vehicle to get entry to Gavi. This tourist spot is almost 60 kilometers away from this entry point.  As a forest area, it is difficult to get entry to this tourist destination. The Forest Department permits only 10 vehicles during week days and up to 30 vehicles on Saturdays and Sundays to this tourist spot.

If you are looking for a comfortable trip to Gavi, avoid choosing special days. The Forest Department allows the entry of up to 35 vehicles during such days. Travelers can enter the area from 6 am to 12 pm. However, if you come from a distant place after covering so many kilometers, they may allow your entry to this hot tourist spot.

You will be able visit many beautiful places during your trip to Gavi. The main areas that you cover include Angamoozhy, Moozhiyar, Kakki Reservoir, Anathodu Dam, Pampa Reservoir, Kochu Pamba, GAVI, Pachakanam, Periyar Tiger reserve, Kozhikanum, Vallakadavu and Vandiperiyar. The most interesting feature of your Gavi trip is that it is a one-way tracking system. In fact, you travel through the rich forest that comes under the Sabarimala Forest Range.  Your trip to Gavi can be a thrilling experience especially if you travel with children. If you are in luck, you might spot many wild animals such as elephants, tiger, leopards, Nilgiri Tahr and Nilgiri Langur. You can also spot many beautiful and rare species of birds during this trip.

Route No. 2: Vandiperiyar

You can also choose NH 220 to reach Gavi.

One can easily reach this forest village through Vandiperiyar which is almost 14 kilometers away from it.  Just choose the Kumily-Vandiperiyar route via Vallakadavu to reach this destination. However, The Forest Department does not allow the entry of private vehicles to Gavi from Vallakadavu.  So, you must depend on the small vehicles of Tourism Department to reach the destination. It costs almost Rs.300 per head to travel in these vehicles.

However, you can use the private vehicles if you choose route no.1 from Angamoozhy. In fact, this route is the best way to enjoy the real essence of the trip to the scenic forest village of Gavi. People who do not own vehicles can enjoy the service of KSRTC. There is one bus service from Pathanamthitta KSRTC depot to Gavi which leaves at 6.30 am. People who choose Kumily route can take the KSRTC bus at the same time from the Kumily Depot. It goes to Pathanamthitta through Gavi.

For More Enquires:

KSRTC Pathanamthitta: 0468 2222366
KSRTC Kumily: 04869 224242

Tips to consider for your trip to Gavi

  • Bikes are not permitted for Gavi trip.
  • Your trip may be difficult at times if you use small cars.
  • Do not plan your Gavi trip during monsoon season because it will be difficult to see the roads clearly due to mist. You cannot see even a wild elephant stand in the midst of the road during this season.
  • You will get entry pass only from 7 am to 12 pm. Try to collect the pass as early as possible on special days because the Forest Department does not allow the entry of more than 35 vehicles in a day. So, they may close the entry once they issued pass for the maximum vehicles for that day.
  • It can be a good idea to carry food and some light snacks to enjoy the trip fully. There are no restaurants or eateries on the way to have your lunch except a small one near Gavi. Even they serve food only if you reach there before 2.30 pm.

Important ALERT: Do not throw plastics on the road instead keep them in your vehicle.


You can stay in KSEB Guest house. However, someone who works in KSEB should refer you to get accommodation there. Besides, you call KSEB at Trivandrum to book your accommodation.

Contact No: IB booking KSEB – 0471 2514518

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