Nilgiri Tahr

The Nilgiri Tahr is an endangered mountain goat with short but coarse fur. It is an endemic to the southern areas of the Western Ghats. Even though Nilgiri Tahr is an endangered species, the number of them has increased in the recent years because of the strict protection. The well known Eravikulam National Park holds the largest number of this species in the world. Planning a trip to Munnar and the nearby Rajamala provides you the chance to spot this rare animal.

Physical Features

Locally known as ‘Nilgiri Ibex’, you can see the goat antelope, Nilgiri Tahr, in the mountain regions of South India. The male and females of them have remarkable differences. The males of Nilgiri Tahr are dark brown in color with a dash of black and almost 1 meter tall at the shoulder. They weigh around 100 kilograms. Females are grayish in color and slightly smaller than the males. Both of them have coarse and short coat. You can see backwards-curving horns in both the males and females. Old males of this species have whitish hairs on the rump which look like a saddle and known as ‘saddlebacks’.


Nilgiri Tahrs usually found high up in the mountains on grass-covered plateaus and cliffs. You can see them at high altitudes from 1200- 2600 meters above sea level. These species flock with the same sex groups except in the breeding season. Most of them occupy various habitats. Female species of Nilgiri Tahrs usually seen on the open cliff ledges while males can be seen lower down in the grazing areas.

Nilgiri Tahr Conservation

Although endangered species, Nilgiri Tahrs increased in numbers in the recent years. The population has increased because of the strict protection of them in the famous Eravikulam National Park. The conservation objectives also include the study of the behavior and ecology of this beautiful species. They also consider the study of the chances of the re-introduction of the goat antelope.

Eravikulam National Park

Plan a trip to the famous Eravikulam National Park if you wish to spot the endangered Nilgiri Tahr. Travelers to Munnar never forget to visit this park that spread across 97 square kilometers. This park has taken effective measures for the conservation of species. You can see a wide range of exotic flora and fauna also in this park. Log on our website if you wish to visit Eravikulam National Park. We arrange your Munnar trip to explore the park conveniently.

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