Wellness and Ayurveda

Ayurveda in Kerala

Wellness and Ayurveda are the terms more associated with and largely made for the tourists. Wellness programmes are offered as part of Kerala travel . That is the face of any science you can easily replicate and leisurely offer according to the convenience of those who come for it. Hence Kerala Ayurvedic wellness tourism is replicated with ample ease and comforts in many parts of the world. Currently, it is known primarily for massage treatments in spas and hotels.

Ayurveda in Kerala is not just a medicine with a large depth of philosophical, clinical and therapeutic significance, but also represents a philosophical and scientific breadth and complexity of large peculiar system of observation of the expression of nature.

What Ayurveda offers now a days is a paradigm shift, a different way to ‘observe’ and ‘use’ nature as best as we can and want, through a redefining and rereading of the use of unique technologies developed by the Western world.

The canvass of this great science of Ayurveda is broader and deeper than we thought of Kerala and Ayurveda have a rich culture and tradition. Tradition is a distillation of experience and therefore of evolutionary memory.  It is through tradition that we find our true nature and recover what we have forgotten and is what made us lose sight of the meaning of things and of life itself. Among the oldest traditions of the world, Ayurveda, which is known as ‘traditional Indian medicine’, literally means ‘knowledge of life or the life span’ and that meaning goes far beyond the simple concept of wellness or care medical.

Authentic Ayurveda Health Tourism

When it comes to the health tourism aspect of Ayurveda, Kerala exploited it in a much deeper way and done a lot in this segment. With the strength of Ayurveda so powerful and the relevance of it so important, we need to focus more on propagating the medical side of it, even in ‘wellness offers’ to the tourists. So let us urge the stake holders of the industry to always try to give something unique and authentic and not to offer treatments and medicines for the convenience of the tourists. The traditional approach in Ayurvedic treatment which demands a way of life too has to be kept alive in a real way. Also the Kerala Governmental and Industry Associations must constantly monitor the services of the units in the sector.

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