Kerala – Ayurvedic Medical Tourism Destination

Kerala, a state in southern India, is known for its rich tradition of Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine that has been practiced in the region for centuries. Kerala has become a popular destination for Ayurvedic medical tourism due to its natural beauty, well-established Ayurvedic centers, and experienced practitioners. Here are some key reasons why Kerala is a top Ayurvedic medical tourism destination

Traveling has been part of human life. History records many kinds of travelers, traveling for learning, traveling to discover new land, traveling for leisure, etc.

With the advent of modern transport, telecommunication, and exciting facilities in boarding and lodging, travel interest has grown so high that it has become an industry by itself.

The travel and tourism industry throughout the world has coordinated and helped man to travel for various activities. Medical tourism is one such activity that has brought a new dimension to health care.

In the initial stages of medical tourism, the main focus was to go to a place where better treatment facilities are available. This was mostly to Western countries where referral allopathic health care institutes reign supreme.

The fast developments in the allopathic healthcare industry in developing countries have resulted in replicating the same standards of the West and offering the same at irresistibly lower rates. This has brought in a change in the Global Medical tourism scenario.

India has always been acknowledged as a growing contender to the West in many spheres. The advancements have been excellent in Healthcare and so Kerala has moved into the list of Prime Destinations for Medical Tourism.

At the same time, many Southeast Asian Countries like Singapore, Thailand, etc. have also worked hard to give stiff competition to Kerala.  So to sustain this global recognition as a country for Medical tourism, Kerala has to include many other USPs in its service package for Medical tourism.

For this, it is better to analyze what is the expectation of a global medical tourist.

  • Medical Tourists want health care which is not available in his place.
  • Wants the same health care that is available in his country at a much lower cost in the country of Medical Tourism.
  • Wants to have health care in a place that provides other holistic support for the betterment of health.
  • Wants an opportunity to also see and experience (tour& travel) the place of visit.
  • Wants in addition to eco-friendly surroundings, telecommunication and transport facilities of a good standard.
  • Limited problems in communication.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness in the place of stay.
  • The total cost of the visit which includes the treatments and also the other activities well within an economical limit.

The Medical Tourism Industry in Kerala has already geared up to meet all these requirements. In India, Kerala is found to have very potential because of additional features.

The State has the best of Nature that is attractive for all kinds of Medical Tourists. The high literacy rate ensures better communication skills. The advancements in telecommunications are fully available throughout the State. The whole of Kerala is well connected by Road, Rail, and Air. The general hygiene and cleanliness are much better than in other developing countries.

The cost of the visit is definitely economical and much lower than many other countries. Kerala offers an additional experience through verities of cultural Art forms, festivals, the practice of traditional sciences, and enchanting Nature in the form of beaches, mountains, valleys, and rivers.

The most important unique contribution of Kerala is the Ayurvedic Health Care. With this great health science, Kerala caters not only to patients with chronic problems but also to healthy tourists who wish to have a package of wellness combined with leisure and travel.

 The wellness packages have been beautifully marketed and perfected by many resorts in Kerala. But what is not properly tapped is the Medical Tourism involving Ayurveda treatment for chronically ill patients.

It is the inherent strength of Ayurveda that it can offer positive improvement in almost all kinds of ailments. Even those health problems that are stubborn to the Allopathic treatment are found to respond to Ayurvedic treatment with concrete results.

Ayurveda is found to be the choice among all-natural therapies to manage effectively all the above-mentioned health problems of the 21st century man. Hence there is great Medical Tourism potential for Kerala, provided Ayurvedic healthcare is properly promoted and practiced.

At the same time care should be taken to see that there is no dilution in the clinical management of the patient since this is the main backbone of Medical Tourism.

Additional support in the form of counseling and consultations may have to be provided to fix the guidelines for lifestyle corrections and dietary modifications suitable for the country from where the patients come.

The most important aspect is the communication with the patient from the time of inquiry, for securing the Medical history, preparing the patient for the new experience of Kerala Ayurveda, and also for a continuous follow-up with appropriate Medical directions till the patient is Ayurvedically cured.

Since the Medical Tourists are from different countries with different styles of communication expertise needs to be developed in all Ayurveda centers to become adept in communication. This does not mean that they have to learn all the languages.  What is important is to develop the skill to listen and understand the needs of the Medical Tourist.

At present the Medical Tourism flow is mostly from the Middle East, Germany, Italy, and Russia and in a limited way from other European countries. As patients seeking alternative health care is in large numbers throughout the Globe, the Medical Tourism institutions have to consistently explore and tap the potential customers in these new countries.

Kerala has the right Ayurveda Hospitals, Resorts, qualified Health Care Professionals, availability of efficacious formulations, traditional background, and a healing atmosphere, all at a highly economical rate. This is the U.S.P of Kerala in addition to other factors to become one of the most sought-after destinations for Medical Tourism.

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