The Romantic Activities For Couples to Kerala


Many newlyweds look for beautiful destinations to celebrate their love and exciting activities to spend their anniversaries. It is amazing for the love birds to locate the suitable destination and find plenty of activities to celebrate their love. Kerala is the perfect destination for any romantic couples to have some beautiful time of their life. From snow-capped mountains to lush green grasslands, there is enough for both of them to linger on. Whether you are a newlywed or a couple who wish to rekindle the love, Kerala fascinates you with its blissful ambience. You can find so many things to do in this destination to make your trip an unforgettable one. Read this article to get an idea about the most exciting romantic activities that couples can do in Kerala.

Backwater Cruising In A Houseboat

A houseboat cruising through the scintillating backwaters of Kerala is an amazing way to pump up the romance in your relationship. The backwaters of this state are truly beautiful and this is one activity that you cannot miss during your trip to Kerala. There are different scenic backwater destinations in this captivating South Indian state such as Kumarakom, Alappuzha and Ashtamudi that offer mind-blowing romantic backwater cruising experience to couples. Most of the traditional ‘Kettuvallam’ or houseboats are transformed into luxurious and well-equipped floating houses with the amenities of 5-star hotels. Besides, each of them has a few crew members to ensure each of their passengers is well taken care of. Wait for the overtly romantic vibes while the houseboat takes you smoothly for a cruising of a lifetime.

Watch Sunrise Together

A blissful morning with marvelous vistas in front of you is an ideal way to start a beautiful day with your beau when you are in Kerala. Each couple finds it a romantic experience to watch the rising of the golden sun in the horizon together. It shall be unforgettable to watch the beauty of the orange rise, how the sky changes it colors and the pastel dawn light makes the surroundings illuminate. You can either opt to stay awake throughout the night under the stars or just get up early to watch the spectacular sunrise. Whatever maybe your choice, the experience of watching the sunrise together in the morning while you are on a romantic trip to Kerala will be an amazing memory.

Explore The Extensive Tea Plantations In Munnar

Munnar is one of the most romantic hill stations in Kerala, offers breathtaking sightseeing, verdant tea plantations and amazing view of the mountains and green valleys. Each visitor to this hill station gets delighted by the charisma of the tea plantations that set in the Western Ghats. The greenery of tea gardens is truly alluring and the sweet aroma of this small plant tantalizes your senses. Munnar is a favorite destination for many honeymoon couples because of its scenic nature, pleasant weather and plenty of activities. It shall be memorable for the newlyweds to stay a few days in the middle of large tea gardens or take a stroll through the rich spice gardens in this hill station. There are many luxurious cottages set in a romantic ambience with the backdrop of misty mountains, scenic valleys and extensive tea gardens. The music of the waterfalls gushing down the hills certainly promises some unforgettable time to each honeymoon couple.

Stay In A Tree House

Holidays are always fun and it can be an amazing gift that you can give to your loved one. The romantic getaway that you choose for vacation with your significant partner should make you excited and thrilled. Both of you deserve something different from the monotonous hotel or resort stays and plenty of sightseeing. You just want to spend your time arms in arms in a pleasant and intimate place in complete privacy. Your partner will love the idea of a tree top holiday as it is a perfect escape from the usual life. The fresh air, peace and tranquility of the tree house stay appeal both of you. A usual tree house has bedrooms, bathroom, deck and all the modern facilities. It is a beautiful way to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Kerala.

Get An Ayurveda Couple Massage

Relishing in an Ayurveda resort is certainly tops the chart during your trip to Kerala. Ayurveda massages and treatments are one of the romantic activities that you can do here. Ayurveda is the traditional healing system of India practices for more than 5000 years. Being the birthplace of this ancient healing system, couples can enjoy Ayurvedic treatments anywhere Kerala. The availability of plenty of medicinal plants and favorable climatic conditions make this health system popular in the state. Enjoy the invigorating touch by expert Ayurveda masseurs in an intimate setting. In fact, both of you can enjoy some rejuvenating holidays in Kerala by visiting an Ayurveda treatment center in Kerala.

Visiting The Heart Shaped Lake In Chembra

If you are looking for some of the most romantic destinations in Kerala, Wayanad is a good recommendation for you especially if you are an adventurous couple. A trekking to the lovely Chembra Peak is one of the thrilling activities that you can do in this state. It is the tallest peak in the district ideal for enjoying trekking. The heart-shaped lake on your way to this trekking destination is truly captivating and you will just fall in love with it instantly. Located nearly 2,100 meters above sea level, Chembra Peak is on the southern part of Wayanad. Both of you can plan a one-day trek during your holidays in Kerala. You can also plan a two-day wildlife trek in this destination. Remember to take prior permission from the Forest Department if you are interested in this activity.

Getting Wet At Waterfalls

Visiting the gorgeous waterfalls in Kerala and get drenched under them can be a mind-blowing experience for each honeymoon couple to Kerala. Mesmerizing waterfalls always have a romantic ambience. In fact, the falling water from great height makes beautiful rainbows, thrilling mists and serene environment which enhance their love. Some of the most popular waterfalls in Kerala are Athirapally, Vazhachal, Meenmutti and Kanjirakkolly. You will love to hear the melody of falling waters and its beautiful surroundings. In fact, experience the beauty of the nature with the company of your love shall be an unforgettable experience for each couple.

Spice Plantation Walk In Wayanad

A walking tour through the spice plantations of Wayanad shall be a great experience for couples to Kerala. In fact, no honeymoon tour in this state is completed without enjoying a walk in the spice garden. They love the exotic smell of the freshly grown spices that grow in a rich beautiful backdrop. Some of the popularly growing spices in the gardens in Wayanad include cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, thyme, sage, nutmeg and vanilla. Couples who visit this destination also love to indulge in bird watching while walking through the lush spice gardens. Avian species also love the exotic aroma of spices.

Stay In A Beach Resort

Everybody knows that romance and beaches are inseparable. Kerala is blessed with many beautiful beach resorts and you can make your honeymoon memorable and pleasant by staying in one of them. Honeymoon couples from across the world love the idea of sun, sand and sea and Kerala is a blessed destination to enjoy all of them. Each of them admires the beauty of the fabulous beaches along the Arabian Sea and its stretches of golden sands and blue waters. The beach resorts in Kerala has amazing ambience that you do not miss during your trip to this state. Some of the popular beaches in the state include Kovalam, Varkala, Alleppey, Marari, Cochin, Kozhikode, Cherai, Kannur and Kasargode. Wake up to the melody of waves by staying in one of the superb beach resorts in Kerala. You can try some water sports and Ayurveda massages to make this trip more exciting.

Go For Amusement Park Rides

Indulging in different fun-filled and adventurous activities make your romantic holidays more memorable. Both of you will have some thrilling time by visiting the amusement parks in the state. Some of the popular adventure parks in Kerala include Wonderla, Dream World, Fantasy Park, Vismaya and Silver Storm Water Theme Park. Jatayu Nature Park in the Kollam district is the new addition to this category. Just explore some of these fun-filled parks by choosing a day out with your loved one. You will just love to enjoy some exciting rides at these picnic spots. The time you spent in these amusement parks will be some of the best memories of your trip to Kerala.

Travelling and seeing the world is truly exciting. If you do it with your significant partner or loved one, it is even more enjoyable. Make your trip to Kerala with your dear one as memorable as possible. Your holidays in this destination are not just meant for exploring scenic places but make it more thrilling and fun-filled by incorporating some cool and unusual things. Contact KSU to enjoy some hassle-free and unforgettable holidays in this romantic getaway.

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