Kadammanitta Devi Temple

Kadammanitta Devi Temple is a renowned temple in South Kerala located in the Pathanamthitta district famous for the Padayani performance. Devotees from different parts of the state visit this temple during the annual festival time in order to enjoy the special Padayani which usually occurs in the months of April or May. Pilgrims enjoy this festival with devotion, enthusiasm and great energy. Check the pilgrim packages of KSU if you want to visit the popular temples in Kerala. Log on our website www.ksu.in to get an idea about the famous shrines in Kerala.

Significance Of Kadammanitta Devi Temple

Visiting the ancient Kadammanitta Devi Temple shall be a peaceful experience for each devotee because of the tranquility and exceptional natural beauty of the shrine. You will feel blessed once you visit this Maha Bhairavi temple. Devotees believe that it is a powerful temple and get answers to all their prayers. They come again to thank the goddess once their wishes get fulfilled. It is their belief that Maha Bhairavi showers her blessings to them continuously and protects them from any difficulty. Pilgrims from far and wide reach this temple to pray for education, financial wellbeing, marriage and children.


Maha Bahiravi is the main idol of the Kadammanitta Devi Temple. Apart from the shrine for the main idol, this temple has sub-shrines for Lord Shiva, Krishna and Devi. There is a shrine for Maladeva on the southeastern side of the temple who was the initial protector of the main goddess. There is also a shrine of Nagathara on the northwestern side. Devotees visit these shrines throughout the year in order to offer poojas. They believe that the goddess of the Kadammanitta Devi Temple is powerful enough to protect them from all kinds of difficulty.


The annual Padayani festival is the main attraction of Kadamannitta Devi Temple. It is a 10-day festival that held in the Malayalam month of Medam (April). This festival starts on the first day of Medam (pathamudayam) as a mark for the victory of Goddess Kali over the demon Daarika. Padayani is a vibrant and colorful festival noted for traditional dances and orchestra. It shall be exciting for the tourists to visit this temple during the festival. They love to watch the performance of people who wear large headgear with paintings on it.   Vibrant hues, roaring beats and the dancing and chanting of the crowd make this ritual a unique experience. This traditional folk dance is an elaborate display of decor, color, traditions and skills. People from different parts of the state reach here to enjoy this fun-filled event.

Timings Of Kadammanitta Devi Temple

Kadammanitta Devi Temple is open on all days from 5 am to 9 am in the morning and from 5 pm to 8 pm in the evening. The temple is open for long duration during the Padayani festival. More devotees reach the temple during this time to offer prayers. Pilgrims and devotees can visit this temple throughout the year. However, there could be fewer crowds during the rainy season which falls from June to September.

How To Reach Kadammanitta Devi Temple

Kadammanitta Devi Temple is only 6 kilometers away from Pathanamthitta town. Since the Pathanamthitta district is well linked to most of the major towns and cities in the state and the major cities of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, reaching this temple is pretty easy. This district is famous for many popular temples like Sabarimala, Aranmula, Kaviyoor Mahadeva temple etc.

The closest railway station, Thiruvalla is approximately 30 kilometers away from this shrine. Thiruvananthapuram is the nearest airport which is about 100 kilometers away. Get more information about Kadammanitta Devi Temple and other well known temples in the district by visiting the website of KSU.

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