Starting February 1, The Robin Bus Service From Pathanamthitta To Coimbatore Is Scheduled To Depart At 4 AM

Robin Bus is making a comeback! It is set to outpace the KSRTC Pathanamthitta-Coimbatore service, aiming to depart from Pathanamthitta at 4 am. Owner Girish emphasizes the passengers’ need to reach Coimbatore early in the morning as the driving force behind this move.

Facing ongoing conflicts with the Motor Vehicle Department, Robin Bus is now challenging KSRTC, particularly the Pathanamthitta-Coimbatore service. Scheduled to depart from Pathanamthitta at 4 am starting February 1, Robin Bus is extending its route to Adoor. Departing Adoor at 3.30 am, it will reach Coimbatore at 10.30 am via Ranni, Erumeli, Thrissur, and Palakkad. The return journey will commence at 6 pm, reaching Adoor at 1 am.

Capitalizing on perceived weaknesses in KSRTC, Robin Bus aims to fill the gap left by the 4.30 am KSRTC Coimbatore service. The owner points out issues such as the continuous use of aging AC low-floor buses and the lack of new AC buses in the KSRTC fleet. New buses are seen as essential to prevent service disruptions due to problems like brake failure and engine fires.

Despite KSRTC’s efforts to address these issues, Robin Bus sees an opportunity to cater to passenger needs. Girish emphasizes that the decision to compete with KSRTC is driven by a commitment to passenger requirements, not just a rivalry. Passengers’ desire to reach Coimbatore early in the morning has led to adjustments in departure times.

While KSRTC awaits new buses and deals with service interruptions, Robin Bus aims to offer a reliable alternative. The decision to extend the service to Atur is aimed at facilitating onward travel connections for passengers. Girish clarifies that this initiative is driven by passenger needs rather than mere competition.

Amid its ongoing battles with the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD), Robin Bus is gearing up to join the Red Bus booking platform. Despite facing multiple actions from the MVD, including inspections and seizures, the bus service remains resilient. The owner, Baby Girish, has taken the matter to the High Court, filing a contempt of court petition against the continuous harassment and inspections by the MVD.

The High Court has accepted Girish’s petition and directed the transport secretary to submit an affidavit. Girish asserts that the service is being provided legally, and despite court orders, the MVD continues to subject them to unwarranted inspections. The complaint highlights the MVD’s efforts to impede the legal operation of the service under the guise of routine inspections. The bus has even been taken into custody by the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Department, only to be released through a court order, further emphasizing the challenges faced by Robin Bus in its endeavor to provide a legal and uninterrupted service.

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