Pooyamkutty is a lovely tourist spot located in the Ernakulam district of Kerala almost 26 kilometers away from the Kothamangalam Thaluk. The scenic beauty of nature makes this destination popular among many weekenders. You will just fall in love with the hidden waterfalls, panoramic hill ranges and rich wildlife of this place. Pooyamkutty became popular after the release of the Mohanlal starrer movie ‘Pulimurugan”. Make a trip to this picnic spot and explore its natural beauty through KSU. Visit our website www.ksu.in today to book your taxi from Kochi to reach this lovely place.
Ideal To Spend A Day
Holidays are always fun and a fine way to enjoy your break from your daily hectic work schedule. Everybody loves to use up their holidays in order to escape from their full time work. If you are looking for an ideal weekend getaway to spend with your family and friends, then Pooyamkutty can be a good choice for you. A trekking to this marvellous destination shall be a mind-blowing experience for each of you.
Hydroelectric Project
Pooyamkutty is a familiar name for the people in Kerala because of its hydroelectric project by KSEB. However, not many people know that it is a place blessed with abundant natural beauty. It is the perfect destination for people who wish to enjoy the wild beauty of nature. It is situated along the majestic Pooyamkutty River, a tributary of Periyar River. Kothamangalam is the nearest municipality to this destination which is approximately 27 kilometers away. You can reach Pooyamkutty within an hour traveling from this destination.
Peendimedu Waterfall
A trip to Pooyamkutty shall be a marvelous experience because of its panoramic nature. You will be able to go with a refreshed body and mind after a trip to this picnic spot. The gorgeous Peendimedu waterfall is truly a gem of this picnic place which situated deep inside the forest. For people who wish to enjoy a trekking to this lovely waterfall need to take prior permission from the Forest Department of Kerala.
Tribal People
It is interesting to know that a group of tribal people live in the forest region of Pooyamkutty in complete harmony with the wild. The Pooyamkutty River separates the nearby town and the forest area. A bridge is there to connect the town and the forest when the river covers up the path during the monsoon season. It is better to avoid visiting this tourist spot during rainy season to avoid mishaps.
Exotic Wildlife
A trip to Pooyamkutty not only gives you the chance to enjoy the scenic charm of nature but also spot some exotic wildlife. Pooyamkutty is a major route for elephant migration. The forest areas of this region consist of wild animals like leopards, wild boars, spotted deer and macaques. Besides, this area constitutes plenty of bamboo trees. Some of the nearest tourist destinations that you can consider visiting include the Salim Ali Wild Life Sanctuary in Thattekkad and the picturesque Bhoothathan Kettu.
How To Reach
Located almost 26 kilometers away from Kothamangalam, the nearest railway station to reach Pooyamkutty is Aluva which is almost 51 kilometers away. The nearest Cochin International airport is approximately 57 kilometers from this picnic spot. You can visit Pooyamkutty during any time of the year except monsoon season. Contact KSU to plan your trip to this majestic tourist spot. So, pack your bags and get ready to enjoy a memorable weekend with your family and friends at Pooyamkutty.

Pooyamkutty – Attractions, Location, Photos & How To Reach

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