Kundala Valley Railway

  • The Kundala Valley Railway was a monorail system in India, later converted to a 2 ft (610 mm) narrow-gauge railway, that operated in Kundala Valley, Munnar of Idukki district in Kerala, India. The railway line had 35 km length.
  • The railway was built in 1902 by the Kannan Devan Hills Produce Company to transport tea and other goods.
  • The monorail system was based on the Ewing System and had a small wheel placed on the track while a larger wheel rested on the road to balance the monorail.
  • The railway was converted to a narrow-gauge railway in 1908.
  • The railway was closed in 1924 after a major flood.
  • The remains of the railway can still be seen in Munnar.

The Kundala Valley Railway was a popular tourist attraction in its time. It offered a scenic journey through the hills and valleys of Munnar. The railway was also a vital transportation link for the local people. The closure of the railway was a major setback for the local economy.

The remains of the Kundala Valley Railway are now a popular tourist destination. Visitors can see the old railway tracks, bridges, and stations. There are also a number of hiking trails that lead to the old railway line.

If you are interested in history and railways, then you should definitely visit the remains of the Kundala Valley Railway. It is a fascinating reminder of a bygone era.

Munnar- The Famous Hill Station

Munnar is the most visited hill station in South India because of its scenic nature and cool climate. You will love its ever-green forests and natural attractions like waterfalls, streams, and lakes. It also has lush tea plantations and misty mountains. Many couples choose this hill station for their honeymoon in order to enjoy its cool climate and thrilling activities. It is an ideal place for some refreshing holidays. Kundala is a must-visit place in Munnar where you can watch the remains of the first monorail system.

Beautiful Kundala

It must be a good idea to take a halt at Kundala on your way to the majestic Top Station in Munnar.  The destination covers a lot of attractions including the lush Kundala tea plantations. The green valleys of this picnic spot cover rich tea plantations and it’s worth watching them. You will also love the charm of Kundala Lake. Another mind-blowing attraction of this picnic spot is the Kundala Dam.  This artificial dam attracts travelers with its unique charm.


Kundala is almost 20 kilometers away from Munnar Town. It locates almost 1700 meters above sea level. The cherry blossom in this picnic spot is outstanding and usually appears in every six months. Travelers also love to watch the Neelakurinji flowers around the Kundala Lake that blossom every 12 years.

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