KTFC Empowers Tourism Employment through Finishing Schools

In a pioneering initiative, the Kerala Tourism Fraternity Social Welfare Cooperative Society (KTFC), the sole cooperative organization in the state’s tourism industry, is spearheading an extensive skill training program. This program aims to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sectors, addressing the global challenge of a shortage of skilled workers, particularly in the post-Covid recovery era.

The first phase of this initiative involves the establishment of tourism finishing schools across the state, strategically designed to provide comprehensive skill training. These schools will offer specialized courses such as Hospitality Management, Guest Relations, and Homestay Entrepreneurship Development, catering to the specific needs of the tourism sector. The collaboration with industry experts ensures the delivery of top-notch training, including practical sessions and internships as integral components of short-term courses lasting up to six months.

Recognizing the immense potential in Kerala’s tourism market, the KTFC aims to bridge the skill gap and empower individuals with employability and work skills. TK Mansoor, President of KTFC, expressed the importance of this endeavor in light of the anticipated 5.8 crore direct and indirect jobs predicted to be created in India’s tourism and hospitality sector by 2033.

TK Mansoor stated, “Through this project, KFTC aims to offer high-quality tourism skill development courses at an affordable cost, fostering a conducive environment for tourism investors, both small and large, in districts lagging behind in tourism development.” Sanjeev Kumar, the society’s secretary, likened the project’s impact to the revolutionary Akshaya project in the IT sector, envisioning the new Tourism Finishing Schools as hubs facilitating various tourism-related services.

The initiative aligns with KTFC’s mission to provide accessible and affordable tourism skill development courses, ultimately catalyzing growth and development in districts with untapped tourism potential. For more information, contact Kerala Tourism Fraternity Social Welfare Cooperative Society Limited (KFTC) at 9388000008.

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