Kolkata’s AMPM: coffee haven by day, cocktail bar by night


AMPM: Kolkata’s Transformed Experience

Enter the realm of AMPM, a Kolkata treasure that seamlessly transitions from a sanctuary of artisanal coffee by day to a vibrant bar by night. Since its grand debut last year on Park Street, this esteemed establishment has quickly become a favorite among the city’s diverse populace.

A Fusion of Past and Present

AMPM pays homage to Kolkata’s storied history. With seating for 142 guests, the venue exudes the grandeur of the Victorian era and the charm of Calcutta’s esteemed social clubs. Its decor merges historical elegance with modern sophistication, featuring plush seating in postcolonial-inspired hues, accented by touches of soft gold, polished bronze, and rich red. Vintage maps, framed prints, and antique mirrors adorn the walls, alongside carefully curated memorabilia.

Designed with versatility in mind, AMPM offers various seating options to suit every preference. From cozy booths for intimate gatherings to lively al fresco areas pulsating with the city’s energy, there’s a space for everyone. The venue is divided into four distinct sections: The Legends, a hub for live music; Gully, a quaint lane overlooking the bustling street; Trophy Bar, an eye-catching island bar with high tables for socializing; and the Paddock Club, an outdoor area reminiscent of bygone social club gatherings.

A Gastronomic and Liquid Voyage

Under the culinary stewardship of Chef Divyanshu Ganguly, AMPM’s menu is a tantalizing fusion of modern Indian, Italian, Pan Asian, and European flavors. Highlights include Laal Maas Tacos, Avocado Chana Chaat, Chinatown Chicken Pizza, Champaran Meat Pot Pie, and Nolen Gur Cheesecake—a local twist on a beloved dessert. Complementing the culinary offerings is an extensive beverage selection, featuring innovative cocktails crafted from fresh, seasonal ingredients and premium spirits. Coffee aficionados can indulge in Ngarum, an exclusive range of organic, single-origin coffee sourced from Northeast India.

Immersive Entertainment

AMPM offers more than just culinary delights—it provides an immersive entertainment experience. Live music performances by both established and emerging artists grace the stage regularly, with jazz quartets serenading patrons on Wednesdays and weekends featuring a diverse lineup spanning classic rock, retro, pop, and more.

A Sensory Extravaganza Awaits

Prepare to be enchanted by AMPM’s captivating ambiance, inventive libations, engaging events, and exquisite cuisine. It’s a sensory journey that promises to leave a lasting impression.

Situated at the heart of Kolkata on Park Street, AMPM seamlessly transforms from a haven of artisanal coffee during the day to a dynamic, spirit-forward bar as night descends. Since its inception last year, this establishment has swiftly captured the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Drawing in Kolkata’s burgeoning cosmopolitan crowd, AMPM caters to those driven by a passion for art, culture, and exploration. With seating for 142 guests, the venue pays homage to both the splendor of the Victorian era and the allure of Calcutta clubs, intertwining the city’s rich history with a nostalgic ambiance. Its interiors blend postcolonial-inspired furnishings with contemporary flair, featuring a palette of warm neutrals, opulent tones, and accents of soft gold and polished bronze.

Adorned with vintage maps, antique mirrors, and curated memorabilia, AMPM boasts a thoughtfully designed layout catering to varied seating preferences, including cozy booths and inviting al fresco areas.

Divided into four distinctive sections, each with its own charm, AMPM offers an immersive experience for its patrons. From the central stage-facing “Legends” area to the enchanting “Gully” lane overlooking Park Street, the statement “Trophy Bar,” and the al fresco “Paddock Club,” every corner invites exploration.

Under the culinary expertise of Chef Divyanshu Ganguly, AMPM’s menu delights with a fusion of modern Indian, Italian, Pan Asian, and European cuisines. Signature dishes such as Laal Maas Tacos and Nolen Gur Cheesecake tantalize the taste buds, complemented by a globally inspired tapas selection.

Complementing the culinary delights are AMPM’s innovative cocktails, crafted from seasonal produce and premium spirits, ensuring a sensorial journey with every sip. Additionally, guests can savor Ngarum coffee, an exclusive organic blend sourced from Northeast India’s verdant valleys.

Beyond gastronomy, AMPM curates a vibrant cultural experience with live performances by renowned and emerging musicians and artists. From jazz nights to weekend showcases spanning classic rock, retro, and pop, there’s something for every music enthusiast.

With its captivating ambiance, innovative libations, engaging events, and delectable cuisine, AMPM promises an unforgettable sensory adventure for all who step through its doors.

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