Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala, God’s Own country is internationally acclaimed as the embodiment of natural beauty and exotic scenery. Our Kerala tour packages are specifically made to meet your specific needs. We will help you travel through this paradise on earth, without any hassles, celebrating life at its best. Enjoy the hard charm of this land of adventure, enjoyment, joy, and bliss. We will help you see the land through the eyes of a connoisseur. The happy surprises that Kerala has in store for you are endless and unexpected.

Kerala Honeymoon Packages

Kerala is hailed worldwide as the honeymooner’s paradise. Our Kerala Honeymoon packages are crafted to give you the aesthetic pleasure of enjoying the most romantic spots in the world. Our deep knowledge and expertise in the field of Kerala tourism will help us to give you the best honeymoon packages that no one can provide. The best rates, the best quality, the best service – you name it and we have it for you. Kerala is the best place to celebrate the most important relationship of your life. Make this period of mirth extra special and delightful with our Kerala Honeymoon packages. As you start a new journey of love, intimacy, and affection, let it be on heaven on earth.

Kerala Adventure Tour

Kerala is the haven of adventure tourists. Its thick green forests with its enchanting wilderness and wildlife, its lofty mountain peaks, etc. lure you to the world of thrill and excitement. Our Kerala Adventure tour packages offer a wide variety of thrilling experiences like trekking, jungle safari, canoeing, hiking, jungle camping, etc. to spirited tourists. All these activities will release your adrenaline and take you to a whole new world of wildlife and adventure. Most of the forests are still untouched by the tainted hands of modernity. This gives you a fresh experience of adventure through the untraveled roads. We will provide you with the rare opportunity of wildlife photography in the Western Ghats, which is one of the top biosphere spots in the world.

Kerala Houseboat Packages

Kerala Houseboat Packages provide you with a serene rendezvous with nature. With the meandering waterways and a glimpse of rustic village life, a houseboat cruise is a luxurious holiday spent on the emerald-green backwaters of Kerala. A backwater cruise will definitely provide a visual treat to your eyes and will instantly calm your nerves. Take a backwater cruise far from the madding city and be immersed in the tranquility of nature. The bountiful surprises that nature has to offer you in Kerala will make you spellbound. And not to forget the delectable Kerala dishes in the houseboat which will make your day filled with extraordinary delight.

Kerala Ayurvedic Packages

Welcome to the land of Ayurveda, the ultimate panacea for all diseases, the science of life. We offer the Kerala Ayurvedic packages which will be a refreshing experience for your mind, body, and soul. It will revitalize and tone your body, free from all diseases. Ayurveda is the science of life that originated in Kerala. Even today Ayurveda is practiced in Kerala adhering to its age-old traditions and heritage. This makes the Ayurveda practice of Kerala stand out from the rest of India. Our Ayurvedic packages will create a new ‘you’ brimming with happiness and exultation. Ayurveda gifts you with a natural and holistic experience to wellness.

Kerala Agriculture Tourism

Agriculture tourism is a new face of Kerala tourism. Come and experience the oneness with nature with Kerala Agriculture tourism. Through our Agriculture tourism, we offer a special package to visit agricultural farms, farmhouses, and Agricultural universities and study centers. You will experience the mechanism of farming and the natural method rearing of crops. This will help you attain a new insight into farming. Our Agriculture tourism package is intended especially for the urban dwellers who live in concrete houses away from the warmth of nature. Agricultural tourism will be an unconquered arena for you and you will return with the satisfaction of making friends with nature and animals.

Kerala Monsoon Tour

Kerala monsoon tour occurs in the months of June and July which is the time for the south-west monsoon. A walk by the riverside by the drizzle is a perfect picture of romance in everybody’s mind. Now is the time to make this perfect picture a reality by visiting Kerala during the monsoon. It is a new face of Kerala tourism. Kerala looks the perfect bride during the monsoon season with the lush greenery attire decorating her from top to bottom. Monsoon is the most romantic of the four seasons making everybody flamboyant and instilling the spirit of youth. Visit Kerala during the season of downpours and give a special meaning to life.

Gavi Tour Packages

Experience Gavi in all its wilderness and virginity through our Gavi tour package. Gavi is one of the few places in Kerala where pristine nature is preserved with all its sacredness. Trekking, camping, guided nature walks, Bird watching and night safaris are the various adventure activities that you can venture into in Gavi. Plunge into the wild forest and come up close and personal with the wildlife. Spending a night in the forest is something magical and amusing. Experience the eternal magic of the environment. Gavi is the heaven of adventure tourists.

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