Beaches – The Sunny Face Of Kerala

Kerala is blessed with a number of beaches that are hailed for their natural beauty and a sense of tranquility and serenity. Here we are exploring both the popular and virgin beaches of Kerala

Shimmering and breezy beaches are a source of pride of Keralites. Kerala houses some of the best beaches that India has to offer. The topography of the beaches of Kerala is varied as we proceed across the long coastline from South to North. Each stunning beach preserves its unique identity. The palm-fringed shores are consistent throughout the entire coastline turning these beaches into a paradise for tourists.

The coastline of Kerala has tales to tell that are interlaced with the heritage and tradition of Kerala. The coastlines are imprinted with footprints of many foreign travelers and traders who visited this heaven on earth from the early centuries. A symbol of the age-old relationship of Kerala and other countries – numerous historical landmarks form the background of the beaches.

The southern part is blessed with the most noted beaches in the state like the Varkala and Kovalam. But as you travel northwards we are surprised to find many unexplored, yet beautiful beaches. Among these undiscovered beaches are the fanciful Cherai beach that is sandwiched between the sea and backwaters, the Marari beach situated in a charming fisherman’s hamlet, the bewitching Muzhappilangad beach – one of Kerala’s longest beaches, and the Bekal beach that boasts the backdrop of a historical fort are worth mentioning.

Kovalam made an entrance into the tourist map of the world back in the 1960s. This resulted in the great metamorphosis of this small fisherman’s village into the most sought-after destination in the world. The beaches in Kerala are known for the various fun-filled activities we can do here including swimming, sunbathing, and watching the massive sea waves crashing against the rocks. Along with these, the beaches of Kerala play an important role in the religious rituals of the people. For example, it is believed that a bath in the Papanasam beach of Kerala will wash away all our sins.

We are exploring the popular beaches of Kerala here

Kovalam Beach is located about 10 miles from Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala. Kovalam is beautified with three crescent-shaped beaches. The first one is called the ‘light house’ beach owing to the presence of the lighthouse towering over the beach. The second beach is known as the Hawa beach. It got its name from the foreign lady who frequented this region in the early times. The third is the Samudra beach. There are shops near the beaches where you can buy curios, artifacts, a variety of food, etc. The water on the beaches is too shallow for swimming.

Varkala beach is unique for the presence of cliffs near the Arabian Sea. It is a geological specialty of the Varkala beach. The Papanasam beach which is considered holy by the Hindus is situated in Varkala. It also houses a temple that can boast a history of 900 years. The ancient bell in the temple was a pious donation by the Captain of a Dutch vessel and it is a historic relic. People who are in search of a relaxed background prefer Varkala Beach.

The Marari beach is located in the fishing village of Mararikulam which is at a distance of 7 miles from Alappuzha. The long beach with swaying palms makes it a perfect getaway destination.

Cherai Beach is situated in the Cherai village in Vypin Island. It is one of the rare places in Kerala where we can see the sea and backwaters being divided by land. The beach stretches about 10 miles and the beach is noted for its cleanliness and shallow water.

Alappuzha Beach contains a lighthouse and a pier that is 140 years old. Alappuzha is noted for its picturesque sceneries, brackish backwaters, and canals. The golden beach is unexplored by the masses and it is an idyllic destination.

Muzhappilangad beach is about 2 mile length located near Tellicherry in Kerala. It is the sole drive-in beach in the region. It is considered to be one of the finest beaches in Kerala.

Payyambalam beach is situated at a distance of one mile from Kannur. It is one of the beaches in Kerala where we can enjoy mesmerizing sunsets.

Valapattanam beach is located at a distance of 4 miles from Kannur and it contains one of the finest natural harbors of Kerala.

Bekal Fort beach is located in the northernmost part of Kerala and it isset against the scenic backdrop of the historical Bekal Fort.

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