Agriculture Tourism

Agriculture Tourism – A Step Closer To Nature

Agriculture Tourism has emerged as a new trend of Kerala travel which is interrelated with agri-tourism. It offers city dwellers to go back to a culture that was one of oneness with environment. Getting to breathe clean unpolluted air while educating oneself is the pleasure that Agriculture Tourism offers. We arrange tours to all types of farms, agricultural Universities & Research stations and agricultural businesses related to rural industries Kerala-wide. Farms would be the major place of interest for this kind of tourists, it emphasizes the value of utilizing organic methods of growth ,natural environment-friendly methods, like composting, instead of relying on pesticides and fertilizers unless necessary. The farms boast it free from mosquito breeding ground. From taking care of gardens, plants, raising animals for meat to milking cows, there are richness of activities and life in the farm houses. We also offer special farm stay activities like work experience, Visits to Government Institutes, Talk Fests by Agricultural experts, site inspections, including farm stays for very large groups of students at matching farms with study courses where students studying fruit growing staying on fruit orchards.

Agricultural Universities & Research Stations Visits

We offer a complete programme ranging from technical University visits and  a lot more…you name it! Agricultural University of Kerala has set up aiming towards Excellence in Agricultural Education and Livelihood security of Farming Community. It  will  Identify the skills , build capacity and provide education ,training needed to support sustainable farming practices and also develop a new curriculum for the Agricultural development. Agricultural University of Kerala is thoroughly versed in the requirements and possibilities of farmers and market gardeners and unites main elements of Agricultural systems like crop, animal, soil, technology and management .It realizes the purpose through the following departments farms, testing stations, Crop Science, Animal Science, Plant Protection, Land Management, Agribusiness and Information System, and Agriculture Technology.. As a result of agricultural  awareness of the importance of research and its responsibility for achieving the best results, Agricultural Research Stations and Centers has been established throughout Kerala. It aims to employ the most modern means for the development of agricultural and animal resources.

Horticulture Tours

Horticulture – science and art of gardening and of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Horticulture is associated with a number of intensive practices that collectively make up the horticultural arts. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and trees – improving their quality, yield, economic performance and their eco-friendly cultivation are the domain of horticulture.

Paddy Field – Rice Tours

Our tours include the beautiful yellowish paddy fields where vast areas of rice are being grown on real outback properties. Kuttanad Region in the outskirts of Alleppey called the Rice bowl of Kerala because of her wealth of paddy crops. You can witness a Keralite woman harvester winnows paddy at a paddy field. It would be real memorable and exciting experience. The most exciting part is to experience the traditional way of planting paddy. The waters in between the paddy field is to supply water for the crops. Visitors will be given some paddies and will teach them the appropriate ways of planting paddies in the mud. Though the field is wet and muddy, it is indeed a hands-on and fun experience not to be missed! A view of the Pokkali rice fields in Kumbalangi tourist village in Ernakulam district. There has been an upsurge in Pokkali cultivation in the village in recent years and tourists make it a point to visit the organic rice fields. We also arrange visits to rice mills. Regional rice research stations have been set up for the development of high yielding crops and popularizing modern farm implements,and it also promotes women’s role in the agrarian economy of Kuttanad.

Fruit And Vegetable Farm Tours

Kerala is home to variety of fruits and vegetables. Rural Kerala, the most versatile agricultural area, producing the precious and varied cultivation. The small market gardener is becoming obsolete as progress demands farmers produce large amounts of produce to make a living. Tours can be arranged wherever the group would like to visit. Kerala Agricultural University has established many research centres to give adequate research support to fruit & vegetable  cultivation. The main objectives of the Research Stations are: to develop new varieties, intensive crop improvement and farm advisory services. Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK) has been established aiming to bring about overall development and marketing of fruit and vegetable sector in Kerala.

Kerala has an abundance of mouthwatering fruits like Pine apple, jack fruit, mango, papaya, Banana, egg fruit, and many more….

Mannuthy  nursery is a place where plants are propagated and grown to usable sizes.

Flower Tours

Tours of nurseries can be arranged to early morning flower markets, followed by visits to the actual nurseries and flower farms where the flowers are produced. The Government Agriculture Farm and Flower Gardens have a delightful array of rose plants, orchids and anthurium.. The Neelakurinji flower that bathes the Munnar hill station in blue, which blooms every 12 years. Western Ghat mountain ranges are home to peculiar and unique flowers.

Plantation Tours

One of the highlights of Kerala travel is Plantation tours .Take a virtual tour to Kerala plantation Estates and view the processing of crops. The crops are exported bulkly and can be called as cash crops of Kerala.

Spice Plantation – Spices growing in Kerala  include vanilla, black pepper, cloves,ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and mace, etc…. These plantations make you feel as if you have entered a world of aroma and greenery. Idukki can be called as spice hub of Kerala. Vandanmedu in the Idukki dist is the largest cardamom centre in the world.

Coconut Plantation – Kerala is the largest coconut producer in India. Kerala is the land of coconut  palms. Palakkad and Alleppey districts of Kerala are blessed with Coconut plantations. Fringed by swaying coconut palms gives a serene and calm atmosphere to Kerala.

Coconut and spices are unavoidable ingredients in Kerala food.

Tea garden  – Munnar consists of vast sloping areas of tea, most of which mostly are owned by Tata Tea. You can laze around in tea plantations.

Vanilla County Plantation Homestay – an enchanting Plantation Homestay in Kerala, at Vagamon, set amidst plantations of vanilla, pepper, coffee and rubber.  The fresh filter coffee and tea served are the offerings of the estate’s own plantations.

Access Vanilla County Plantation Homestay By Road

From Kottayam: Kottayam-Palai-Erattupetta-Teekoy-Mavady estate-Vanilla County.

From Kochi: Kochi-Muvattupuzha-Thodupuzha-Erattupetta-Teekoy-Mavady estate-Vanilla County.

Forest Tours

We do conduct special forest tours.Just see below the well known forest details.

Bamboo Forest – Marshy Bamboo forests in Wayanad is famous. Valparai, Palghat is also comprises thick bamboo trees. Bamboo mats woven from reeds exports in large nos every year.

Teak Forest – Nilambur forest contains 5 categories of teak. First teak museum in the world is in Nilambur operated by Kerala Forest Research Institute.

Sandalwood Forest – Marayoor near Munnar is famous for natural Sandalwood forests. The Marayoor sandal is regarded as the best in the world. The State Forest Department runs a sandalwood depot here where travelers can learn the treatment, classification and processing of sandal.

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