Kerala Medical Tourism

Kerala, popularly known as the ‘God’s Own Country’ is fast becoming a renowned destination for Medical Tourism. Many people considered this South Indian state as a great destination to relax and unwind. Now it is also a wonderful place for achieving health, mainly in the field of Ayurveda, Allopathy and Dentistry. A lot of travelers from different parts of the world take advantages of different medical packages in the above mentioned fields. The presence of highly trained doctors and medical practitioners and excellent medical facilities make it an ideal destination for medical tourism. Most of the hospitals in the state maintain international standards but at the same time they provide cost-effective treatments. Get more details about medical tourism in Kerala and know how to choose the best packages by visiting tour website

Kerala For Quality Medical Care

Kerala is mainly famous for the alternative and traditional medical system like Ayurveda. Many people from different parts of the world visit India to seek fine treatments for various diseases. The medical tourism in the country has been attaining a boost and plenty of people visit India in order to get quality medical care at affordable rates. Medical and dental tourism are the new trends in Kerala where travelers can find excellent medical care at reasonable rates. The Tourism Department of Kerala has taken several initiatives to encourage medical tourism in the state. People who seek better treatments in Kerala can get an idea about the medical visa through the website of KSU.

A Booming Industry

Medical tourism is a booming industry in Kerala that attracts many people from different parts of the world. Even if it is relatively a new concept, it can be an effort from the part of government to draw patients in order to seek medical treatment through tourism. It is an attractive way to promote tourism as it can combine the joy of traveling to some particular places while enjoying the health benefits.

The Kerala Medical Tourism helps travelers to this South Indian state to have leisure and relaxation along with wellness and healthcare. In fact, people who come to Kerala through medical tourism can go back with a rejuvenated body and mind. People who opt for medical tourism can stay in a relaxed environment away from the stress and chaos of the daily life. They can spend their time in some of the exotic places of the state and revitalize physically, mentally and emotionally.

Perfect Place To Meet Medical And Travel Needs

One of the great advantages of Kerala medical tourism is that it offers many job opportunities. The health providers in this state have to play different roles to utilize them. Kerala has so many favorable elements so improve medical tourism such as immediate availability of treatments, excellent treatment facilities and low cost. The growing popularity of this state as a great medical and health tourism destination is also a factor to attract travelers from different parts of the globe to get medical and dental treatments. The treatment cost is also relatively very cheap compared to many other countries in the world. For so many reasons, Kerala is a wonderful tourist place in the world when it comes to medical tourism where people can meet both travel and medical needs perfectly.

Low Cost Of Treatments

Since Kerala Medical Tourism combines the services of superlative hospitals and outstanding tour operators in the state, travelers can enjoy complete medical care while enjoying a memorable holiday experience. Kerala offers the service of experienced and best qualified doctors along with excellent medical facilities. Travelers can enjoy medical treatments at very cheap rates. The low cost of treatment can be a relief for many patients who seek first-rate medical treatment and care in Kerala. The cost of treatments in this state can be nearly 1/10th of what they get in some other countries like US or Europe. The excellent infrastructure of Kerala is also competitive globally.

English-Speaking Medical Professionals

The proficiency of English for the health professionals and travel agents in Kerala can be a reason for the popularity of medical tourism in Kerala. So, foreign travelers can get in touch with the people in the state without any difficulty. Kerala is also a hub of several other alternative medicines like Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Sidha and Unani. Many Indians and foreigners visit this state to get treatments in different ailments through the natural health system of Ayurveda. This state has rich culture and heritage and each visitor to this state also admire its varied history. Travelers can find many things to enjoy in this destination such as its unique lifestyle, spectacular beaches, vibrant cultural festival, delectable cuisine, exotic wildlife and breathtaking Western Ghats.

Support From KTDC

Kerala, the southernmost Indian state is one of the first few states in India that realized the possibilities and importance of Medical tourism. The Government of Kerala has performed a commendable role for the promotion of medical tourism in the state. With the support of them, a patient from a foreign country can reach the state for treatment without any difficulty. KTDC or the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation planned a few comprehensive packages for the medical tourism. They gave equal importance for medical treatments and leisure options. The Kerala Tourism department coordinates with many multi-specialty hospitals, health insurance companies, policy makers and international institutions to promote health tourism in the state.

A Chief Source Of Income

Not many people know that medical tourism has a great source of income in India especially some states like Kerala after information technology. The State Government of Kerala provides all support for the growth of Medical Tourism in the state. The availability of highly experienced and best qualified health professionals in different areas like dental, oncology, Orthopedics, Kidney transplant treatments and dialysis is certainly a great feature. Kerala Medical tourism ensures patients from different parts of the globe to get world-class treatment and care along with an opportunity to explore some great tourist destinations in the state.

Popular Hospitals In Collaboration

Kerala Medical Tourism industry is in collaboration with some of the major hospitals in the state such as Amrita Hospital, Medical Trust hospital, Jubilee hospital and Lakeshore hospital. The advanced medical skills backed by modern treatment in these hospitals help patients to seek treatments in different areas like cardiology, neurology, cancer, spine and joint replacements, pediatric specialties and cosmetic reconstructive surgery in Kerala. They can enjoy world-class treatments in this state at cheap rates under the supervision of best qualified health professionals. An attractive feature of Kerala Medical tourism is the next-day appointment. Kerala has a pleasant climate throughout the year that also encourage travelers to visit this state anytime for getting treatment.

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