Abu Dhabi Dune Barbecue and Moonlight Campfire

Liwa Oasis, the fun trip and ways to enjoy the trip with Abudhabi Dune Barbecue and Moonlight Campfire.

Starts at dawn, drive takes you to Liwa Oasis, and be prepared to witness the most incredible landscape you’ll ever see. On reaching the crescent shaped Liwa Oasis, find some time to take a drive around the small towns that populate this fertile area. It will be your last stop for supplies before moving into the dunes, so do all the purchase required, and be careful that you do venture into the desert alone. Once you reach the Liwa oasis, you’ll bewildered by the sheer size of the dunes. Search yourselves an area to camp and pitch your tents. Take care that you do not go into the desert alone.

Now it is time to fire up barbecues, cook up a meal and get ready to glide through the dunes. For those who are camping with a guided tour, hold on tight while the experienced drivers take you on a drive that will be memorable. Also, attempt your hand at sand boarding, which is the desert version of snowboarding.

Nothing can be compared with sitting around a campfire with good friends and great food. Now it is time to prepare the evening feast, prepare and heat up the barbecue and put some wood in fire pit. While waiting for the coals to heat up, mount the highest sand dune from where you can view the most majestic sunset of your life; long shadows cast by the dunes only make them big. Now return back to camp, enjoy the food like a king, then relax and enjoy the talks with good friends under the watchful eyes of millions of stars.

Liwa Oasis

Liwa Oasis, historically significant because it is the home of the Nahyan family,the rulers of Abu Dhabi emirate and the UAE. Historcally and till today, it is a date-palm cultivating region for Bedouin tribes, especially the Bani Yas. For the visitors it may pop up as a surprise in the middle of the desert.

Liwa is at the border of the UAE’s most vast and beautiful desert region, on the basis of the dunes. It is the starting point of self-led or pre-arranged dune-bashing and other desert safaris. It is also a right place to learn about Bedouin culture.

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