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VPS Lakeshore is a multi super-speciality Hospital in Kochi, with 350-bedded facility with over 30 clinical departments headed by Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, the founder and Managing Director of VPS.

VPS Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre is tertiary level multi super specialty hospital, providing healthcare of International standards. With professional expertise, state-of-art technology, streamlined efficiency of service, meticulous cleanliness and courteous personal attention, the hospital has become one of the leading healthcare providers of the state.

VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi, which was started in January 2003, has over 30 clinical departments with nearly 100 specialized doctors and 500 paramedical and non-medical staff. The major departments include Gastroenterology, Gastro Intestinal Surgery, Medical and pediatric Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Nephrology, Urology, Cardiology and Cardio thoracic Surgery, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Pediatrics and Neonatology, Diabetes Centre, Fertility Centre, Psychiatry and DE addiction, Dental and Facio maxillary Surgery, Plastic and sports Injuries, Spine surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Radiology and Pathology.

Shamsheer Vayalil Paramabath is an Indian doctor, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Kerala born January 11, 1977. He is the founder and managing director of VPS Healthcare. According to Forbes, as of 2018, Dr. Shamsheer has a personal wealth of $1.5 billion.”]Dr Shamsheer Vayalil[/tooltip], CMD of VPS Lakeshore in an interview given to us explains different aspects of medical tourism

What are the positive factors in India for a medical tourist?

We do have the best and expert doctors and other para-medical professionals. Their compassionate treatment is well accepted here and abroad. Though most here. The quality of hospitals and treatments here are at par with the international standards. The patients can get rid of the waiting list if they come to India

We have another competitive edge as the treatment here is very cost effective. Treatments in Kerala are less expensive when compared to other States. The efficient doctors, staff, hospitals and research centres offering higher standard  of treatments, along with the ambience and environment make Kerala a preferred destination.

What are the steps taken in VPS Lakeshore Hospital Kochi to attract patients from abroad?

When we started this hospital in 2003, we had envisaged the opportunities of medical tourism and expected the rush of people in this segment well in advance. I had been closely watching the international scenario ever since I had started my practice 35 years ago. I’ve noticed that we had a sudden growth in India in the last 10 years in term of number of foreign patients. We, at Lakeshore, are planning to start a medical tourism division in the hospital. Fiji government has approved Lakeshore for heart operations and patients are already started coming here for treatment from Fiji.

We have an ultramodern 350-seater auditorium with facilities for live demonstration of operations and advanced endoscopic and interventional radiology procedures from various operation theaters and endoscopic suites. The food court offers menu with cuisine of various countries and is designed to cater even to patients from aboard. This eleven-storied hospital is giving strong support to Kerala’s dream of being the ‘International Healthcare Destination’.

Lakeshore Hospital has the unique distinction of having air, water and surface ambulance services. The helipad on top of the building will serve to bring patients in critical stages even from aboard. This will also help in bringing in organs for transplantation surgery from other Indian cities. Water ambulance service is specially planned to cater to the small islands in and around Kochi where medical facilities are otherwise scarce.

Do you see any limitation faced by the country in this area?

As pointed out by the tourism secretary of Kerala, Our major issue in this sector is that we face inadequate capacity in terms of the number of beds available. We are not in a position to accommodate all medical patients from aboard. Another limitation is in the case of general infrastructure, mainly the transport system. These should be improved, along with the general attitude of the public.

What are the steps taken in terms of capacity enhancement so far?

Lakeshore has started works to double the number of beds in the hospital to meet the increase in medical tourist arrival. Current availability of super specialty rooms in Kerala is less than 2,500, whereas the requirement is over 30,000 beds. The opening of medicity and the expansion of existing hospitals, will surely increase the room availability

Do you feel that Ayurveda can attract a lot of medical tourists?

Yes. We accept the role of Ayurveda in attracting wellness seekers and patients. Ayurveda, the traditional system of treatment is a way of life too. However, we have to think beyond Ayurveda in the medical tourism scenario to compete with other players.

What will be the future of medical tourism sector in India and the State?

There is a possibility that within five years, medical tourism earnings can overtake the general tourism revenue. The average spending of the tourist is less than Rs 10,000, whereas the minimum spending of a medical tourism wing will definitely attract more revenue than others. Kochi will be a major hot spot in ten years and can overtake other cities like Bombay, Delhi and Chennai. Our State is uniquely blessed with nature’s bounty. The narrow strip of land has rolling hills, verdant plains, placid lakes and beckoning beaches in close proximity. Added to these, with a population of educated, friendly, hospitable people and a distinctive and delectable Kerala cuisine, you will have the ingredients of a memorable tourism experience.

The name Kerala already familiar in health circles abroad. Ayurveda in Kerala has already spread its message all over the world. Allopathic doctors and nurses from Kerala have migrated in large numbers worldwide and have gained recognition and appreciation for their diligence in work and for their pleasing and helpful disposition.
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