Hill Stations of Kerala

Do you love to visit the hill stations of Kerala to get blissful experience? People love to take a break from their work when they tired of their usual routine. No doubt, travelling can be the best way to unwind and release all your worries and tensions. You will love to choose a popular hill station to visit in order to watch its snow-clad hills and majestic valleys to refresh your mind and body.

Dense forests, snow-clad mountains, gorgeous valleys, lovely streams and majestic waterfalls, everything should be there in the hill stations of Kerala. In fact, they provide you the most spectacular views of nature to each visitor. Most hill stations in the state are belong to the highland regions of the Western Ghats. Besides they are rich in vegetation and a natural habitat of exotic wildlife. The tropical forests that spread across the Western Ghats region are abundant in unique flora and fauna.

The hill stations of Kerala offers a lot to their visitors. You can find many attractions in them to alluring your senses. Each traveller should admire the lush green tea plantations, coffee, cardamom and rubber estates. Besides, there are many ravishing rivulets, crisscrossing twisty roads, gorgeous waterfalls and splendid springs to fascinate the visitors. Enjoy unlimited pleasure if you plan a trip to this hill stations just after the monsoon rains. Simply take a break from your routine life and scorching heat and head to one of the popular hill stations of Kerala. The popular hill stations in Kerala are:

Anamudi: Being the highest peak in South India, enjoying the beauty of Anamudi can be a wonderful experience. With a height of more than 2695 meters, it is also the highest point in the country just after the Himalayan Mountain Ranges. A trip to this region provides you the chance to watch some of the exotic wildlife in South India. In fact, Anamudi and Eravikulam National Park are home to the endangered species of Asian Elephants, the Nilgiri Tahr and Gaurs. Travelers to Munnar are also recommended to visit this region as it is near to this hill station.  Anamudi is also a suitable place to enjoy trekking.

Agasthyakoodam:  With a height of around 1900 meters, it is the second highest peak in the state. The forest of this hill station is an abode of plenty of rare medicinal plants and herbs. Besides, this region is a natural habitat of exotic wildlife. It is believed that Sage Agasthya, a mythological character has been living in this forest.  In addition to thick forest, Agasthyakoodam has many trekking trails.

Chembra Peak: This highest peak in Wayanad locates at an altitude of around 2100 meters above sea level. This place is popular among nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts which is ideal for trekking. You can reach Chembra Peak by travelling 14 kilometres west of Kalpetta.

Devikulam: Devikulam is a lovely hill station in Kerala which is only 7 kilometres away from Munnar. People visit this tourist spot in order to enjoy its tranquil mountains, exotic flora and fauna, velvet lawns and cool climate.

Lakkidi: It is not only the gateway to Wayanad but also a scenic hill station worth visiting. Located almost 55 kilometres east of Kozhikode, this tourist spot is almost 700 metres above sea level. It is at the crest of the famous Thamarasseri Ghat pass and one can reach Lakkidi by covering 5 kilometres from Vythiri.

Nelliyampathy: Enjoy breathtaking views of the nature at Nelliyampathy which is at an altitude of around 467 to 1572 metres above sea level. Travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of the dense forests of Western Ghats and enchanting nature by visiting this hill station. Nelliyampathy is almost 75 kilometres Southeast of Palakkad.

Peermede: It is a plantation town which attracts travellers with rich tea plantations and pleasant climate. This hilly region is around 915-1100 metres above sea level. The place got its name from a Sufi Saint named Peer Mohammad who lived here. He was a close associate of the then Royal family of Travancore.  Each visitor to Peermede loves to watch its extensive plantations that interspersed with mist-clad hilltops, meadows, waterfalls, streams and sculptural rocks.

Ponmudi: This hill station locates at a height of around 915 meters above sea level. With green wooded and cool environment and small winding pathways, travelers should find some refreshing holidays in the majestic hilly resort of Ponmudi. You can reach this hill station by travelling around 61 kilometres from Thiruvananthapuram.

Munnar: With scenic nature, mist-clad mountains and gorgeous valleys, visitors can enjoy some mind-blowing holidays in this hill station. The most important feature of Munnar is that it locates at an altitude of around 5000-8000 ft above the sea level. Besides, it situates at a confluence of three majestic rivers such as Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala. Munnar was the summer resort of the erstwhile British in the South India. Travelers can enjoy plenty of exotic flora and fauna during their visit to this awe-inspiring tourist destination. Never forget to visit Munnar when Neelakurinji blooms.

Pythal Mala: Situated at a height of around 4,500 feet above sea level, Pythal Mala is one of the panoramic hill stations in Kerala. It is almost 65 kilometres away from Kannur. Besides, this hill station is on the Kerala-Karnataka Border where you can enjoy a wide range of flora and fauna. It must be a wonderful experience for the travelers to enjoy 6 kilometres trekking to the top of the hills.

Ranipuram: With varied vegetations and amazing trekking trails, Ranipuram is among the most famous hill stations of Kerala. It is almost 85 kilometres from Kasaragod. Formerly known as the Madathumala, this tourist spot is around 750 meters above sea level. The forest around this hill station merges with the forests of the neighbouring Karnataka. One can even compare the scenic beauty of Ooty with Ranipuram. Travelers love to watch wild elephants that have been wandering on the top of the majestic mountain regions.

Vagamon: Vagamon is a grand holiday retreat which located almost 25 kilometres away from Peermede. It is among the most popular hill stations of Kerala and a favourite of both locals and foreigners. The best feature of this picnic spot is that one can experience the right combination of European legacies and religious holiness here. Travelers just admire the tranquil hillside villages of Vagamon. There are three popular hills in the destination such as Kurisumala, Thangal Hill and Murugan Hill and all of them show religious harmony.

Vythiri: Each traveler to Vythiri loves the geographical and ecological uniqueness of this tourist spot. This is one of the well known hill stations of Kerala. Vythiri is a favourite of many holidaymakers and adventure lovers because it offers different activities. So, many people visit this hill station in order to enjoy various activities like hiking and trekking. The cool and pleasant climate and majestic nature certainly make you refreshed. This destination is almost 10 kilometres away from Kalpetta.  Never forget to visit this hill station if you plan a trip to Wayanad.

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