Waterfalls of Kerala

Kerala is such an Indian state that blessed with immense natural beauty. In addition to sparking backwaters, spectacular beaches and mist-clad mountains, this tourist destination has beautiful waterfalls with majestic surroundings. One cannot skip the lovely waterfalls of Kerala during their trip to this eye catching state. Some of the waterfalls are in full swing during the monsoon season.  Most of these astonishing waterfalls are in the midst of lush green forests. The extensive grasslands and awe-inspiring greenery of the dense forests below make them favourite picnic spot for tourists.

Athirapally and Vazhachal are the most preferred waterfalls in the state which locate near the entrance of Sholayar forest ranges. Another famous waterfall in the state is Cheeyapara. Since this grandeur waterfalls falls down in seven steps, a lot of people visit this picnic spot in order to enjoy its charm. The gorgeous Meenmutty Waterfall in Wayanad is certainly a favourite of nature lovers. It has the unique triple-decker effect. The water falls down in three stages here from almost 1000 feet height.

The popular waterfalls in the state are Aruvi Waterfalls, Attukkad, Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls, Chethalayam, Kesari, Kanthanpara Waterfalls, Meenvallam, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Perumthenaruvi, Sentinal Rock Waterfalls, Thusharagiri, Thommankuthu, Valara and Vellari Mala. People love to visit these places in order to enjoy the Mother Nature and get refreshed. Here is the list of the most famous waterfalls in the state.

Aruvi Waterfalls / Vaiyanthol: This Waterfall fascinates tourists with its 4-feet cascade. It is an ideal place to visit because visiting this region provides you a heavenly experience. You can reach this unspoiled picnic spot only through trekking. Travelers need to take prior permission from the forest department in order to enter this region. Aruvi Waterfalls is nearly 60 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram.

Aruvikuzhi Waterfalls: Pay a visit to this lovely waterfall if you plan a trip to the famous backwater destination of Kumarakom. This beautiful picnic spot is nearly 18 km away from Kottayam Town.  It must be a majestic experience for the visitors to enjoy the stunning waterfall and gorgeous streams at this destination.

Athirappilly: It is the most beautiful waterfall in the state which locates almost 63 kilometres from Thrissur. The 80 feet high waterfalls is a great picnic spot at the entrance of the Sholayar Ranges. The thick green forest and rocky terrain are the other attractions in this tourist destination. A lot of travelers visit this region in order to watch the misty cool water cascade down in the beautiful backdrop. Athirappilly Waterfalls is around 78 kilometres away from Kochi.

Attukad: A lot of travellers to Munnar never forget to visit Attukad to enjoy its spectacular waterfall. It locates between Munnar and Pallivasal almost 9 kilometres away from Munnar. No doubt, Attukad waterfall is truly a treat for your eyes.

Chethalayam Waterfalls: If you are a trekking lover, this spot is right for you. Chethalayam Waterfalls is a beautiful place to visit which is around 12 kilometres from Sulthan Bathery. Enjoy an amazing trekking through the rocky terrains to reach this majestic waterfall.

Dhoni: This waterfall is in the midst of a reserve forest area. You need to take a 3-hour trekking to reach this small but beautiful waterfall from the foot of Dhoni Hills. Travel almost 15 kilometres from Palakkad to reach this picnic spot.

Kanthanpara Waterfalls: Located almost 12 kilometres from Kalpetta, you will love to watch this waterfall with 30 meters high. Many people choose this tourist destination to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the nature and breathtaking waterfall. From Meppady, this picnic spot is only 8 kilometres away.

Kesari Falls: This marvellous waterfall locates between Kuttikanam and Murinjapuzha. Also known as Valanjamkanam falls, a trip to this majestic place can be an excellent way to get close to nature. Truly a right place for adventure lovers.

Meanvallam: This waterfall cascades from a height of 25 feet offers magnificent views. You need to travel nearly 8 kilometres from Thuppanad Junction to reach this spot. It is a 10-step waterfall but visitors can access only 2 of them. Rest of the steps remain in the thick forest.

Meenmutty Waterfalls: It is another famous waterfall in Kerala which provides spectacular views. This marvellous tourist spot is nearly 29 kilometres away from Kalpetta. Enjoy a triple-decker effect at this spot because the water falls from around 1000 feet over 3 stages. You need to travel only 12 kilometres from Meppadi to reach this spot.

Palaruvi waterfalls: Falls from a height of around 300 feet, this waterfall is truly fascinating. It locates almost 75 kilometres away from Kollam Town and a popular picnic spot in the district. In fact, travellers from across the South India visit here to enjoy this amazing waterfall. You may find it as a spellbound experience to travel through the dense tropical forest to reach this picnic spot. The surrounding green gorgeous valleys and mist-clad hills provide an eye catching backdrop to this majestic waterfall.

Perumthenaruvi: it is a beautiful waterfall locates on the banks of Pamba River almost 36 kilometres away from Pathanamthitta. It is on the way to Vechichira and a popular picnic place for many nature lovers.

Power House Waterfalls: It is another waterfall in Munnar hill station. You need to travel almost 18 kilometres from Munnar Town to reach this beautiful cascade. It is on the way to Thekkady which falls down a steep rock.

Sentinal Rock Waterfalls: Located almost 22 kilometres south of Kalpetta, it is a 3-step waterfall of 200 meters height. This region fascinates travellers with its scenic nature. Besides, it is ideal for rock climbing.

Thommankuthu: If you are a nature lover looking for an ideal picnic spot, Thommankuthu waterfall can be a good choice for you. It is only 17 kilometres from Thodupuzha. It is a 7-step waterfall and you can see a cascade at each step. Besides, there is a pool beneath each step. This is also an ideal place for people who love adventure tourism.

Thusharagiri: It is a beautiful waterfall near Vythiri and you can reach this destination if you travel 50 kilometres from Kozhikode. Just love the mist-capped peaks of this picnic spot. Besides, it is a plantation destination. Aside a striking waterfall, you can see large plantations of rubber, spices like ginger and pepper and arecanut. This region is also a suitable spot for trekking lovers.

Valara:  This is another beautiful waterfall in Kerala that locates on the Kochi-Madurai Highway.  You will love the spectacular backdrop of this cascade because of its thick green forests.

Vazhachal: Add this waterfall also in your itinerary if you plan a trip to the famous Athirapally Waterfall. Located around 83 kilometres away from Kochi, you can reach Vazhachal within a short drive from Athirapally Waterfall. It is very close to the green dense forests on the banks of Chalakudi River and a favourite picnic spot for many nature lovers. From Thrissur, you need to travel almost 68 kilometres to reach this destination.

Vellari Mala: Famous for adventure tourism, this region is suitable for trekking. In addition to an awe-inspiring waterfall, you will also enjoy the velvet green landscape of Vellari Mala. It is almost 15 kilometres away from Thiruvambady in the Kozhikode district. The hill ranges are beautiful and one can access it by foot.

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