Palaces and Museums In Kerala

Visiting Palaces and Museums in Kerala is the best way to experience the regal lineage and watch different artefacts.

Many history lovers prefer to visit the palaces and museums of Kerala as most of them are architectural marvels. The Kerala palaces and museums fascinate visitors with the charm of wooden work and panelling. In fact, one can enjoy the unique grandeur of the ancient Kerala architecture by watching the wooden pillars and gabled roofs of them. Most of the places in the state have been home of some of the ancient royals like Maharaja Sree Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varama, Arakkal Ali Raja and Raja Marthanda Varma.

In addition to those grand Palaces made in the Kerala architectural style, you can also see palaces with the influence of European architecture. The famous Mattancherry Palace built by European explorers. You will not find any better way to know the rich culture and traditions of Kerala than visiting their palaces and museums. The museums in the state are the manifestations of the rich glory of the past royal era in the state. The beautiful palaces and other ancient architectural marvels of the state stand as a proof to the brilliance of the bygone era. Here are Some Of The Most Popular Palaces And Museums In Kerala.

Arakkal Kettu: The importance of Arakkal family is that they were the only Muslim Royal family in the state. Arakkal Kettu is nearly 3 kilometres away from Kannur which was the residence of the erstwhile Arakkal Ali Rajas. You will love to visit this palace which is just opposite to the Ayikkara Moplah Bay.

Archaeological Museum, Thrissur: This museum was once the one-time summer palace of the Raja of Kollengode. Now it transformed to a museum which houses a lot of artefacts.

Art Museum, Thrissur: It must be interesting for the travellers to watch different artefacts belong to the royal families. They also interestingly watch wooden carvings, ancient jewellery and metal sculptures during their visit to Kerala. The Art Muesum in Thrissur can be a good recommendation for people who love to watch such things. You can also watch Japanese and Chinese artefacts in this museum.

Hill Palace, Tripunithura: Built in 1865, this elegant palace was once the official residence of the then Maharajas of Kochi. The Hill Palace at Tripunithura spread across more than 52 acres of land and consists of 49 buildings. Besides, it has a deer park and provides facilities for horse riding. It has 13 galleries of oil paintings. You can also enjoy a lot of things by visiting this palace like 19th century paintings, sculptures in plaster of Paris and stones and murals. Besides, this palace houses coir items, inscription and manuscripts belonging to the royal family.

Kanakakkunnu Palace: Visit the grand Kanakakkunnu Palace in order to watch the rich tradition and glorious past of Kerala. Many people visit this palace every day to watch the beauty of the palace. Besides, many cultural programs and meets conduct at the palace and its premises.

Kowdiyar Palace: It is another elegant palace in Kerala worth watching. It was the residence of the late Maharaja Sree Chithira Thirunal Bala Rama Varma. However, the authorities not permit visitors to enter inside the palace.

Koyikkal Palace: It is an ancient palace that locates almost 18 kilometres away from Thiruvananthapuram. This marvellous palace dates back to the 15th century locates on the way to the famous Ponmudi Hill station. The main attraction of this palace is its traditional naalukettu. Koyikkal Palace can be a good choice for travelers who love the typical Kerala architecture.

Krishnapuram Palace: Built in the 18th century by King Marthanda Varma, this palace locates in Karthikappally near Kayamkulam almost 47 kilometres away from Alappuzha. Beautiful mural paintings are the main attraction of this palace. A lot of travelers visit this palace in order to watch the 14 feet by 11 feet mural painting of Gajendramoksham.

Kuthiramalika Palace Museum (Puthenmalika): You will love to visit this marvellous palace built by the versatile genius Maharaja Swathi Thirunal Balarama Varma. This is the right place to visit if you love paintings. It houses a lot of priceless collections of the Royal family and displays many rich paintings. Pay a visit to Kuthiramalika Palace Museum if you plan a trip to Thiruvananthapuram. This museum is very near to Sree Padmanabha temple.

Mattancherry Palace: This Dutch Palace built in 1557 by Portuguese and later presented to the Raja Veera Kerala Varma of Kochi.  It renovated by the Dutch in the year 1669. The palace is worth visiting to enjoy the architectural style of both Portuguese and Dutch.

Museum of Kerala History:  Just watch the artefacts and other interesting items from the history even from the Stone Age to the modern era by visiting the famous Museum of Kerala History. You can reach this museum by travelling around 8 kilometres from Kochi. The authorities of museum organize different light and sound shows regularly for visitors. Even they give commentary in both Malayalam and English.

Napier Museum: This museum is the right example for the Indo-Saracenic structure. This art and history museum built in the 19th century which is a reservoir of archaeological treasures. One can also watch many historical ornaments and bronze idols in this museum in Thiruvananthapuram.

Nilambur Teak Museum: Visiting the largest teak museum in the world can be an amazing experience. A visitor can reach it by travelling nearly 4 kilometres from Nilambur. This museum is also the sub centre of the Kerala Forest Research Institute and locates on the way of Nilambur – Gudallur. You will be able to get a lot of information related to teak at this 2-storied museum.

Nileswaram Palace: It is the cultural centre of Kasaragod district also the folklore centre of the Department of Archaeology. This palace was once the headquarters of the Nileswar Rajas, the rulers of the area. You can also find many places near this palace that give you immense pleasure.

Parikshith Thampuran Museum: This is an excellent architectural museum in the state. It can draw many people because it houses a lot of interesting things. This museum at Kochi is a treasure house of murals, megalithic relics, coins and bronzes.

Pazhassiraja Museum and Art Gallery: You need to travel only 5 kilometres from Kozhikode in order to reach this museum. Here one can enjoy many ancient murals, old coins, antique bronzes.  You will also find models of temples, some megalithic structures called dolmonoid cysts and ancient earthenware at this place.

Poonjar Palace: One can feel the glorious past of the Kerala royal families by visiting this marvellous palace. You will be delighted to see the large collection of antiques inside this elegant palace. It is almost 47 kilometres from Kottayam. You need to travel only 18 kilometres from Pala to reach this palace.

Shakthan Thampuran Palace: This palace is in the middle of around 6 acres of land where you can see three tombs. One of the tombs belongs to the well known king Shakthan Thampuran who was the ruler of the Cochin dynasty. This palace is also known as Palace Thoppu.

Wayanad Heritage Museum: The typical ancient Kerala architecture is the main attraction of this museum. It locates near the Ambukutti hills in Wayanad where you can watch different artefacts. Visitors can also enjoy belongings to various tribes of this region.

These are just a few of the many palaces and museums in Kerala. With its rich history and culture, Kerala is a treasure trove of historical sites. So if you are planning a trip to Kerala, be sure to include some of these palaces and museums in your itinerary.

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