Endangered Forest Species In Kerala

The species which are critically endangered or probably extinct.

Kerala, a state located in southwestern India, is home to diverse and rich forest ecosystems. Unfortunately, several species within these forests are classified as endangered due to various threats such as habitat loss, poaching, and climate change. Here are some examples of endangered forest species found in Kerala:

  1. Lion-tailed Macaque (Macaca silenus): The lion-tailed macaque is an Old World monkey species endemic to the Western Ghats mountain range, including Kerala. It is known for its distinctive silver-white mane and is highly threatened due to habitat fragmentation and loss caused by deforestation.
  2. Nilgiri Tahr (Nilgiritragus hylocrius): The Nilgiri tahr is an ungulate endemic to the Western Ghats. It inhabits the grassy slopes and cliffs of the Nilgiri Hills and nearby areas. Habitat destruction, hunting, and competition with domestic livestock have led to a significant decline in their population.
  3. Travancore Tortoise (Indotestudo travancorica): The Travancore tortoise is a species of tortoise endemic to the Western Ghats, including Kerala. It is one of the most endangered tortoise species in the world due to habitat degradation, illegal collection for the pet trade, and predation by invasive species.
  4. Malabar Civet (Viverra civettina): The Malabar civet is a small carnivorous mammal found in the Western Ghats forests, including parts of Kerala. It is one of the rarest and most elusive mammals in India. Habitat loss, poaching, and roadkill are major threats to its survival.
  5. Brown Palm Civet (Paradoxurus jerdoni): The brown palm civet is a nocturnal arboreal mammal found in the forests of Kerala and other parts of the Western Ghats. It is threatened due to habitat loss and fragmentation caused by deforestation for agriculture, logging, and urbanization.
  6. White-bellied Shortwing (Brachypteryx major): The white-bellied shortwing is a small passerine bird species found in the shola forests of the Western Ghats, including Kerala. Deforestation, habitat degradation, and climate change have contributed to its declining population.
  7. Travancore Evening Brown Butterfly (Melanitis leda travancoreensis): The Travancore evening brown butterfly is a subspecies of the common evening brown butterfly found in the Western Ghats, including Kerala. Loss of suitable habitat due to deforestation and agricultural activities has put this butterfly at risk.
Acampe congestaOrchidaceaeHerbs
Adenosma malabaricumScrophulariaceaeHerbs
Anaphalis barnesiiCompositaeHerbs
Arisaema attenuatumAraceaeHerbs
Arisaema auriculataAraceaeHerbs
Arisaema peltatumAraceaeHerbs
Hydnocarepus macrocarpaFlacourtiaceaeTrees
Atuna travancoricaRosaceaeTrees
Bombax scopulorumBombacaceaeTrees
Buchanania barberiAnacardiaceaeTrees
Buchanania lanceolataAnacardiaceaeTrees
Bulbophyllum aureumOrchidaceaeHerbs
Calamus travancoricusArecaceaeShrubs
Ceropegia beddomeiAsclepiadaceaeClimbers
Cirrhopetalum avreumOrchidaceaeHerbs
Clematis bourdillonniRanunculaceaeClimbers
Colubrinma travancoricaRhamnaceaeShrubs
Cyclea fissicalyxMenispermaceaeClimbers
Cynometra beddomeiFabaceaeTrees
Cynometra travancoricaFabaceaeTrees
Dalbergia beddomeiFabaceaeLianas
Dialium travancoricumFabaceaeTrees
Didymocarpus macrostachyaGesneriaceaeHerbs
Dysoxylum beddomeiMeliaceaeTrees
Dysoxylum ficiformeMeliaceaeTrees
Eugenia argenteaMyrtaceaeTrees
Eugenia disciferaMyrtaceaeTrees
Garcinia imbertiGuttiferaeTrees
Haplothismia exannulataBurmanniaceaeHerbs
Hedyotis beddomeiRubiaceaeHerbs
Hedyotis bourdilloniiRubiaceaeHerbs
Hedyotis wynaadensisRubiaceaeHerbs
Hyalisma janthinaTriuridaceaeHerbs
Hydrobryum johnsoniiPodostemaceaeHerbs
Cinnamomum travancoricumLauraceaeTrees
Impatiens aliciaeBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens anaimudicaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens cochinicaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens coelotropisBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens concinnaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens johniiBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens lepturaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens macrocarpaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens munnarensisBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens pandataBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens platyadenaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens pallidifloraBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens rivulicolaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Impatiens verecundaBalsaminaceaeHerbs
Inga cynometroidesFabaceaeTree
Ipsea malabaricaOrchidaceaeHerbs
Isachne fischeriGramineaeHerbs
Isachne setosaGramineaeHerbs
Ixora johnsoniiRubiaceaeHerbs
Jambosa bourdilloniiMyrtaceaeTrees
Janakia arayalpathraPeriplocaceaeHerbs
Limnopoa meeboldiiGramineaeHerbs
Litsea travancoricaLauraceaeTrees
Loesnerinella bourdiloniiCelastraceaeClimber
Madhuca bourdilloniiSapotaceaeTrees
Meteoromyrtus wynaadensisMyrtaceaeTrees
Morinda reticulataRubiaceaeClimber
Nilgirianthus asperAcanthaceaeShrubs
Nilgirianthus barbatusAcanthaceaeShrubs
Nilgirianthus beddomeiAcanthaceaeShrubs
Nilgirianthus ciliatusAcanthaceaeShrubs
Nilgirianthus decurrensAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus foliosusAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus lupulinusAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus neilgherrensisAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus perrottetianusAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus punctatusAcanthaceaeHerbs
Nilgirianthus urceolarisAcanthaceaeHerbs
Ochlandra beddomeiBambusaceaeTrees
Ochreinauclea missionisRubiaceaeTrees
Oianthus beddomeiAsclepiadaceaeTwiners
Ophiorrhiza barnesiiRubiaceaeHerbs
Ophiorrhiza candataRubiaceaeHerbs
Ophiorrhiza incarnataRubiaceaeHerbs
Ophiorrhiza munnarensisRubiaceaeHerbs
Orophea unifloraAnnonaceaeShrub
Otonephelium stipulaceumSapindaceaeTrees
Palaquium bourdilloniiSapotaceaeTrees
Paphiopedilum druryiOrchidaceaeHerbs
Phaenanthus malabaricusAnnonaceaeTrees
Phlebophyllum lawsoniiAcanthaceaeShrubs
Plectronia pergracilisRubiaceaeShrubs
Poeciloneuron indicumBonnetiaceaeTrees
Poeciloneuron pauciflorumBonnetiaceaeTrees
Pogostemon travancoricusLabiataeHerbs
Polyalthia rufescensAnnonaceaeTrees
Pterospermum reticulatumSterculiaceaeTrees
Sageraea grandifloraAnnonaceaeTrees
Schefflera bourdilloniiAraliaceaeClimbers
Silentvalleya nairiiGramineaeHerbs
Smithia venkobarowiiFabaceaeShrubs
Sonerila nemakadensisMelastomataceaeHerbs
Strobilanthes dupeniiAcanthaceaeHerbs
Syzygium bourdilloniiMyrtaceaeTrees
Syzygium palghatenseMyrtaceaeTrees
Syzygium travancorcumMyrtaceaeTrees
Taeniophyllum scaberulumOrchidaceaeHerbs
Tephrosia wynaadensisFabaceaeHerbs
Toxocarpus palghatensisAsclepiadaceaeHerbs
Vanilla wightianaOrchidaceaeHerbs
Vernonia anaimudicaCompositaeHerbs
Vernonia heyneiCompositaeHerbs
Vernonia multibracteataCompositaeHerbs

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