Diomidous Botanical Garden – Chaidari, Greece

Escape The Hustle And Bustle Of The City And Embrace Nature In This Stunning Oasis

Hidden away from the lure of the Acropolis is a secluded paradise, the largest botanical garden in Greece. The Botanic Garden of Julia and Alexander Diomedes opened in 1975, named after its benefactor, Diomedes, who used part of his fortune to establish a botanic garden for the study and protection of plants, trees and flowers. It was Athens, after all, that housed the world’s first botanic garden, established by Aristotle’s disciple, Theophrastus.

Spanning 186 acres at the feet of Mount Egaleo, it houses 500 species of plants from across the world. From delightfully scented roses to tobacco and cork, there’s a trove of gardens, historic plants, medicinal herbs, flowerbeds, pools and lakes to explore. The garden opens up to one of Attica’s oldest natural pine forests and serves as a base for research, with a collection of 19,000 dried plants and 800 seeds. However, for most guests, it’s just perfect for relaxing in the coffee shop and taking in the view, or spending an afternoon with a picnic beneath the shade of its eucalyptus and acacia trees.

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