Aurangabad – Maharashtra

Discover the Essence of India in Aurangabad

Step away from the crowds and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian history, culture, and cuisine in Aurangabad, a charming town in Maharashtra. While the Taj Mahal draws throngs of tourists, Aurangabad beckons with its own allure, offering a glimpse into authentic India without the hustle and bustle.

At the heart of Aurangabad stands the Bibi Ka Maqbara, a testament to love and architectural brilliance. Commissioned by Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in honor of his beloved wife, this marble marvel bears a striking resemblance to its more famous counterpart, the Taj Mahal. Delve into its intricate carvings and elegant design, discovering a gem waiting to be explored.

Soneri Mahal, also known as the Golden Palace, presents another facet of Aurangabad’s history. Once a royal residence, it now houses a museum showcasing ancient Hindu and Jain artifacts. During the annual Ellora Caves Festival, the palace comes alive with the vibrant spirit of art, music, and dance, offering a glimpse into its opulent past.

Perched atop the hills overlooking Aurangabad are the Ajanta Caves, a testament to India’s rich Buddhist heritage. Carved over two centuries, these rock-cut caves provide a window into the early days of Buddhism and the region’s economic prosperity.

Venture further to Ellora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its architectural marvels. Here, the Kailasa temple stands as a testament to human ingenuity, carved entirely from a single monolithic rock. As you explore the intricate carvings depicting Hindu mythology, you’ll be transported to a world of divine beauty and spiritual significance.

Whether you’re fascinated by religion, culture, or architecture, Aurangabad offers a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be uncovered. From the mesmerizing sculptures of Lord Vishnu to the epic battles of ancient legends, every corner reveals a story waiting to be told. Discover the essence of India in Aurangabad, where history comes to life amidst breathtaking beauty.

Important Details

If you’re looking for a swift and hassle-free touring option, booking a taxi for the day is your best bet.

Ideal Visiting Period

Plan your visit between November and February for cooler temperatures and a more comfortable experience.

Time Zone

The local time zone is UTC+5:30.

Getting There

Accessing the destination is convenient with options including flights from major cities across India to the local airport, or taking a train from Mumbai, Pune, and other nearby locations.

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