Best Places To Watch Kathakali Dance Performance In Kochi

Kathakali Performance

Kathakali is one of the leading classical dance forms in India and showcases attention-grabbing dance dramas. In fact, it is an unavoidable feature of the cultural life of Kerala. Kathakali is truly an icon of the state that draws the attention of people with its bright costumes, elaborate makeup, and intricate movements of hand, face, body, and eyes. All the theatre and classical dance lovers should watch a Kathakali performance, which is indigenous to Kerala during their visit to this state.

In the local language Malayalam, Kathakali means “Story Play”. This traditional dance, which is a blend of dance, music, and acting, tells stories from the Indian epics. Each Kathakali dancer, be it a woman or man wears a painted face. Performers of this dance form communicate stories using mimes and animated expressions with facial expressions and hand gestures to music. The music for Kathakali comprises Carnatic ragas while the traditional instruments used for the orchestra are Chenda, Maddalam, Idakka, Shanku, Chengila, and Ilathalam. Reach this article to check out some of the best places in Kochi to watch this majestic art form.

Kerala Kathakali Centre
When it comes to Kathakali performances, the most popular place in Kochi is the Kerala Kathakali Centre. The main performers at this place are from the Kerala Kalamandalam, a major center for learning Indian classical dance forms. The shows are conducted in the air-conditioned hall at this place every day from 6 pm to 7.30 pm. Kerala Kathakali Centre is nestled in Fort Kochi adjacent to the famous Santa Cruz Basilica.

Folklore Museum
Even though watching a Kathakali performance at Folklore Museum is a bit pricey, it is one of the most luxurious places in Kochi to watch this dance form comfortably. With a beautifully decorated and air-conditioned hall with traditional Kerala murals and wooden architecture, spending a few hours in this cultural center can be a thrilling experience. Prince Charles chose this place to watch a Kathakali performance during his visit to India. Folklore Museum is on the southern side of Ernakulam near Thevara ferry.

Cochin Cultural Centre
Cochin Cultural Centre is certainly an excellent place to watch a Kathakali performance. You can watch night-long plays in this place once in a month performed by leading artists. The club organizes this dance play either in the TDM hall or Ernakulathappan Hall near the Shiva Temple in Ernakulam as their venue. If you choose this place to watch a Kathakali performance, you can get the details of the venue, timings, and performances with all the major tourist centers in Kochi.

Dr. Devan’s Kathakali
Named after the founder Dr. Devan, this cultural center is among the oldest organizers in Kerala for arranging Kathakali shows for tourists. Dr. Devan’s Kathakali lies very close to the Ernakulam Junction railway station where you can watch this dance performance from 6.45 pm to 8 pm. The shows in this place start with a speech on Indian mythology and philosophy. Both are related to this dance form.

Kairali Kathakali
One of the highlights of Kairali Kathakali is that it allows you to watch this traditional dance form of Kerala in a small but intimate setting. It is located in Fort Kochi area opposite the elegant Brunton Boatyard Hotel.

Rhythms Theatre Greenix Village
Located on Kalvathy Road opposite the Fort House, Greenix Village in Fort Cochin shall be the most expensive and grand place in Kochi to watch a Kathakali performance. The Rhythms Theatre is high in entertainment value. Visit this place on Sundays so that you can watch a performance that combines excerpts not only from Kathakali but also from Theyyam, Kalaripayattu, and Mohiniyattam.

  • Kerala Kathakali Centre: This center offers daily Kathakali shows at 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. The shows are held in an air-conditioned theater and tickets cost INR 500 for adults and INR 250 for children.
  • Cochin Cultural Centre: This center also offers Kathakali shows on most days of the week. The shows are held at 7:00 PM and tickets cost INR 300 for adults and INR 150 for children.
  • Kathakali Performance Center: This center is located in Fort Kochi and offers Kathakali shows on weekends. The shows are held at 7:00 PM and tickets cost INR 400 for adults and INR 200 for children.
  • Kathakali Sampradaya: This center is located in Ernakulam and offers Kathakali shows on a regular basis. The shows are held at 7:00 PM and tickets cost INR 500 for adults and INR 250 for children.

If you are interested in seeing a Kathakali show, We recommend booking your tickets in advance, as they tend to sell out quickly. You can book tickets online or at the box office of the respective centers.

Here are some tips for enjoying a Kathakali show:

  • Arrive early so that you can get a good seat.
  • Dress appropriately. Kathakali is a traditional art form, so it is respectful to dress modestly.
  • Be quiet during the performance. Kathakali is a highly expressive art form, and the performers need to be able to concentrate.
  • Follow along with the story. Kathakali stories are often based on Hindu epics, so it can be helpful to have some familiarity with the stories before the show.
  • Enjoy the spectacle! Kathakali is a visually stunning art form, so take your time to appreciate the costumes, makeup, and movements of the performers.

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