7 Best Coffee Culture Cafes In Kochi ( Cochin )

Cafe Papaya
Kochi is famous for its coffee culture and visiting one of the cafes is the best way to experience it while holidaying in this port city.
A hot coffee is certainly a great way to refresh especially after exploring the majestic tourist attractions during your holidays. Of course, travelling is fun but at the same time, it can be hectic and tough at times. It involves general roaming around the destination, a lot of walking, shopping and taking photographs. The tiredness shall be added if all these activities you performed in a city with heavy traffic and crowded streets. In such a situation, the best thing that you can do to feel fresh again is to go for a coffee.
If you choose Kochi/Cochin for your vacation, it is wise to get an idea about the coffee culture in the city. There is a coffee shop in every nook and corner of this city. Visit one of them to keep you fresh and wash away your fatigue if you feel tired while exploring the city. A cookie or slice of cake with your coffee is also a great idea to satiate your taste buds. Here is the list of some of the popular cafes in the port city where you can comfortably sit and enjoy a coffee.
Kashi Art Café, Fort Kochi
Kashi Art Café is a great place to enjoy a hot coffee because of its delicious dishes and awesome ambience. Located in the Fort Kochi at the Burger Street, it is a wonderful place for different art expressions. You just love the idea of comfortably sit in a corner of a café in order to relax after walking and roaming around the city. Kashi Art Café is open from 8.30 am to 10 pm but breakfast hours and evening hours are the perfect time to visit this area. The smart chefs of the café serve a wide range of dishes. Some of the popular food items at Kashi Art Café include French toast, Spinach Mushroom Cheese Omelets and Fresh Sprout Salad.
Pepper House Café, Fort Kochi
It shall be amazing to sip hot coffee with varieties of dishes while enjoying the scenic views of the Vembanad Lake. With a courtyard, Pepper House Café is a great place to enjoy refreshing drinks to cool you off. Besides a wide range of scrumptious dishes and drinks, this café also offers a great collection of books. We suggest each traveler to Kochi to visit this cafe because it a place with art around. Pepper House Café is certainly a must-visit coffee shop in Kochi because of its great ambience, a wide range of dishes and eye-catching art work.
Solar Café, Fort Kochi
Solar Café has wonderful setting to talk or think over a cup of great coffee. Each visitor of this café shall admire its charm and authenticity. Small but beautiful ambience, many travelers to Kochi love to hang out at this place. More than its delicious dishes and refreshing drinks, you may love its warm interiors. Visitors also admire the eye-catching views of the city from the balcony. A cup of coffee is a fine idea while reading a great book. Solar Café not just serve delicious dishes but it also has a wonderful collection of books. Try this café if you wish to relax over a cup of coffee while roaming around the city.
Café Papaya, Palarivattom
Café Papaya is certainly a great place to spend with its lovely ambience and soothing music. The cuisine and drinks at this café also give you a memorable time. The menu of Café Papaya is large enough that includes both local and international cuisines. Be it the local Beef fry or Banana Fritters to the international Lebanese Chicken Wrap, it is a fine place to taste varieties of dishes.
Tea Pot Café, Fort Kochi
With a great selection of desserts and cakes, spending a few hours in the Tea Pot Café shall be an exciting experience. The cozy and charming ambience certainly fascinates each guest. As the name suggests, this café hangs several tea pots around. It is an ideal space to spend some time with your friends or for a lovely evening all for yourself. The location of Tea Pot Café in a home adds the coziness of it. The tea pot installations and the bright colors of the café provide it an attractive ambience. Don’t forget to give the place a try during your visit to Kochi.
Chai Cofi, Kaloor
Chai Cofi is a wonderful place to hang out in Kochi with a great menu. The variety of dishes makes this place stand out from other cafes in the city. Sometimes people visit a coffee shop not just for reading a book or laze around. Some places attract people with its friendly ambience and entertainment options rather than its food and drinks. Chai Cofi in Kochi is such a marvelous café to visit. Located in Kaloor, the most attractive feature of this place is its different entertainment choices. The menu of this café is equally admirable and no doubt, Chai Cofi is an excellent place in Kochi to visit with your friends.
French Toast Patisserie, Panampilly Nagar
If you are looking for a great place in Kochi to enjoy scrumptious sandwiches, pastries or delectable French breakfast items, then the French Toast Patisserie at Panampilly Nagar is a lovely spot for you. It is a wonderful café with a menu that offers a variety of options. People love to visit this café again and again because of its excellent food. With a fabulous array of macaronis, cakes, pastries, cookies and cupcakes, it is a right place for those sweet-toothed people. Do not forget to pay a visit to the French Toast Patisserie during your Kochi holidays.
There was a time when coffee meant only coffee and tea meant only tea. Nobody asked for an espresso, cappuccino or a latte. Or no question of a Kerala or Darjeeling tea. Only the plain tea or coffee was the specialty at that time. Get a hot or cold tea or coffee from one of the small shops on your way to places if you want to get the feel of going back to those days. Even though these shops are small, they serve delicious traditional tea. Enjoy the fun of drinking coffee in one of the great cafes in Kochi. Try to get your hands into some of those mouth-watering cookies and cakes. Planning some holidays in Kerala? Don’t forget to experience the café culture in Kochi.

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