The 8 Best Coffee Shops In Kochi (Cochin)

8 Best Coffee Shops In Kochi ( Cochin ) With Great Ambience

Kochi is possibly the most bustling and cosmopolitan city for Kerala. Here you find many joints to relax and chill out. You won’t be surprised to find a coffee shop at every corner of this city. Coffee shops that are located in star category hotels around Kochi city to check what each of them offers how each one of them is different and unique in its own way.

Le Meridien, Kochi
Feel like grabbing a cup of Illy coffee in a serene atmosphere? Hit off to The Eclairs, by Le Meridien. One of the places offering the best Espressos in town, Eclairs is a hit among the peaceful ambience loving people. The seating is comfortable for people of all sizes and shapes! The cafe is designed to give the guests an exclusive treatment wherein everyone feels important. The cafe also has a snack dedicated to its namesake, Eclairs. It’s a delicacy which has a filling which is important in the region the Hotel is located in. In this case the filling is coconut and jaggery, a mouth watering combination of the two most popular ingredients in the state of Kerala. Close to the highway yet away from the chaos makes this cafe a favorite place to hangout, frequently! It’s an “eclairy* affair, very much like the pastry, Eclairs!.

Radisson Blu, Kochi
Keshia is a 24 hour cafe also functioning as a restaurant. The cafe is pretty large with a green hued interior and ample lighting adorned with aesthetically arranged tables with comfortable seating. One of the richest coffee, the Nespresso is offered at Keshia. The quesadillas with the cheesy filling and curd is a delight. But the chocolate mud pie lets loose the child in you with its perfectly balanced flavours and exotic fruit slices and vanilla ice cream.
It truly is a culinary marvel. You may want to revisit the cafe for both these delicacies, and relive the moment again!

Deli KC
Holiday Inn, Kochi
A decent spot with reasonable space to hangout, the Deli KC at Holiday Inn offers a variety of delicacies round the clock. The signature dish is the Foot long sandwich, which is universally famous and preferred at the cafe. The Tuna filling, the hard flavor of which is reined in perfectly by other spices, is truly delicious with just about the right amount oozing out with every bite. Another fancied dish at the cafe is the Holiday Club Sandwich, which is layered with cheese, bacon, egg and veggies inside toasted bread and is a snack worth trying. Deli KC also offers a variety of flavoured iced tea, the most popular being the peach and coconut flavours. These flavoured iced tea are not just exotic but also helps in balancing the foot long sandwich, which is in fact as the name suggest, a foot long in length. To sum up, a delicious “Deli KC!”

Olive Downtown Hotel, Kochi
Enter the “Arena” and one feels like stepping into a giant Rubik’s cube. A relatively large coffee shop with board games and a screen. Is a popular place to hang out at Kadavanthra, Kochi. The signature dishes which Arena, at the Olive Downtown Hotel has to offer, are the Spinach Flavoured Burger and Spiral Hot Dog, both of which are, one better than the other. The burger is a double deckered delight made of spinach-flavored bread, spread with beef patty and cheese, above beef slices and lettuce. One bite into it gets home two shots of beef, one through the patty and the other through the sliced beef. The spiral hot dog is the twisted version of the normal hot dog we have, but a tad spicy. The signature beverage is something worth re-visiting. Peanut Butter Fudge and Jerry Berry. Two beverages with contrasting flavours and moods, somehow fight to win your appetite’s appreciation. The fudge is sweet and heavy. The Jerry Berry is fruity and lively with Vanilla Ice Cream to add to the mood. Overall it’s worth the money spent.

Crowne Plaza, Kochi
Spacious and quiet the Aroma is the spot where Mollywood stars drop-by from time to time. The ambience calms your nerves and gets you relaxed. The ABC drink is the signature beverage here. A mixture of three very rich ingredients, the apple, beetroot and carrot makes this the most sought after for health conscious guests. The signature item on the menu is the thin crust Pepperoni Pizza, which is much thinner than its fluffy cheesy cousin but a lot healthier. Macaroons which are available in various flavours are a real treat to the palate. These macaroons are soft sweet and crunchy all at the same time. It truly is a wonderful snack, which melts in our mouth, while we melt in the “Aroma” at Crowne Plaza.

Vivanta by Taj Malabar, Kochi
An elegant coffee shop with the backwaters in view, provides an ambience second to none. The Pepper is an upmarket cafe which has a steady movement of foreign tourists, who’ve flown down to visit the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi. The menu has a variety of coffee from around the world, which differ one from the other on a minor scale. The cookies offered are a treat and go well with the coffee. Needless to say, Pepper at Vivanta by Taj is one of the best five star coffee shops in Kochi owing to the extraordinary location of this luxurious property.

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