Baths of Caracalla – Rome, Italy

When in Romeā€¦ visit the ruins of these colossal public baths. Water way to spend a day!

Caracalla is best remembered as the tyrannical son of Septimius Severus ruler of the Roman Empire. The start of his reign was marked with the construction of a remarkable public work, the colossal Baths of Caracalla. It took 13,000 Scottish prisoners, 6,000 tradesmen and 21 million bricks to build the structure, with the central building measuring 214 by 114 metres. Meanwhile, 600 marble workers were employed to produce 6,300 cubic metres of marbled masterpieces. Striking mosaics of Hercules, Ajax and aquatic life decorated the pools.

The baths were abandoned after the 537CE siege of Rome destroyed the water supply. Although only ruins remain, they remain a testament to the might of Rome, and the colossal vision of its greatest builders.

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