All The Essential Information About Traveling To Munnar

Tea plantations blanketed in snow, majestic mountains extending endlessly, and roads adorned with a snowy embrace. The refreshing chill of mist adds to the enchantment. Describing the aroma of Munnar is beyond words. The captivating sights of Munnar captivate both the eyes and the mind. Streams, resembling silver jewelry, gracefully wind through the dark rock formations.

Munnar derives its name from the confluence of three ‘rivers’ – Muthirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. Positioned amidst Pallivasal, Devikulam, Malayur, Mankulam, and Kutampuzha panchayats, Munnar’s scenic charm has been significantly influenced by the Tata-owned tea plantations. The British, in turn, played a role in shaping Munnar’s early tourism infrastructure, erecting the first tourist bungalows near the town. The CSI church and cemetery in old Munnar, dating back to the British era, stand as historical relics. Notably, the burial site of Eleanor Isabel May, a British woman, rests atop this cemetery. Visit Munnar for breathtaking sights that etch themselves into your memory – a journey marked by refreshing cold and captivating vistas.

Cheeyapara Falls graces the route connecting Neriyamangalam and Adimali. As it descends along the Neriyamangalam Munnar road, the waterfall gracefully tumbles down seven tiers of rocks. Positioned along the roadside, Cheeyapara Falls marks the initial highlight of the journey to Munnar.

Rajamala, situated within Eravikulam National Park, is a mountainous region where the vibrant blue kurinji blossoms. The forest department organizes safaris to explore Rajamala, which serves as the natural habitat for the Nilgiri tahr. The journey involves a 4 km drive from the foothills, followed by a one-kilometer walk.

The Chinnakanal Journey unfolds as a captivating road trip amidst the lush tea plantations of Devikulam. Experience a delightful boat ride at Anayirangal Dam, and don’t miss the breathtaking Viewpoint, another must-visit destination in Chinnakanal.

Mattupetty Dam serves as the preferred boating spot for tourists exploring Munnar. Adjacent to the dam, there’s an eco point where you can capture the scenic beauty of the valley through your camera lens. Located just 15 km away from Munnar.

Kundala marks the second dam on the Top Station journey, offering boat rides for visitors. Adjacent to the dam, you’ll find a charming garden adorned with cherry blossoms.

The Top Station offers breathtaking vistas of the hills surrounding Munnar, marking the highest point in the region. Situated on the border of Tamil Nadu, this elevated spot boasts a welcoming restaurant for tourists. The top station, located along the Munnar Kodaikanal Road, is approximately 36 km away from Munnar.

An expedition along the historic Munnar-Kodaikanal Escape Route

Exploring the untamed beauty of Pampadumchola and the refreshing Western Ghats stands unrivaled as a travel destination. Embark on a brief adventure to witness wildlife, birds, and butterflies up close. Traverse the historic Munnar-Kodaikanal escape route nestled within the forest on a trek organized by the forest department. Tickets, priced at 300 per person, are available for purchase near the entrance to Vattawada after Munnar Top Station.

Spices Garden: Munnar’s hills, a haven of spices and tea, beckon visitors to explore their aromatic wonders. A trip to the spice garden is essential for Munnar enthusiasts. Having a tour guide elucidate the quality and significance of each spice and herb enhances the experience for tourists. Additionally, all plantations host trustworthy medicine shops. For budget-conscious travelers, purchasing spices is a viable option.

Exploring Munnar’s Markets: Despite its small size, Munnar captivates visitors with its breathtaking views. The misty town offers a variety of products, including homemade chocolates, diverse tea powders, and herbal items. No visitor leaves Munnar without acquiring the renowned Munnar-scented tea powder.

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