Vellayani Lake

Vellayani Lake, the largest fresh water lake in Thiruvananthapuram district is a famous tourist place in Kerala because of its picture-perfect nature. Locally known as Vellayani Kayal, this beautiful picnic spot is known for enchanting nature, romance, nature, photography and mythology. A lot of people visit this holy lake especially during the state festival of Onam. Each visitor to this place loves to take a quiet walk down the panoramic banks of the Vellayani Lake.  They will be mesmerized by the green rich vegetation filled with the aroma of wild flowers. If you wish to visit this awe-inspiring tourist place conveniently, contact KSU. We help you to arrange your hotel and taxi in order to enjoy some joyful holidays in Thiruvananthapuram.

A Rain-Fed Freshwater Lake

Vellayani Lake also known as Vellayani Kayal is a rain-fed freshwater lakes in Kerala. There are two more such freshwater lakes in the state which are the Sasthamcotta Lake in Kollam and Pookkode Lake in Wayanad. Vellayani Lake is located nearly 7 kilometers away from the famous beach destination of Kovalam. The water in this lake is mainly used for drinking and irrigation purposes. This lake and its surroundings are blessed with tranquility and the best art forms of the nature. Even though the Vellayani Lake has a captivating nature and appeal, still is an unexplored area in Kerala.

Mythological Association

It is believed that the Vellayani Lake is formed due to the divine involvement of a holy sage. As per the local lore, a thirsty beggar approached a meditating saint in search of water. There were only a few drops of water left in his vessel not sufficient to quench the thirst of the seeker. So, the saint took those remaining drops in his palm and threw them with sacred intentions as far as he could.  Wherever those drops of water fell turned into a beautiful long lake.  This lake is also a celebrated venue during Onam for holding the annual boat race. It is also a great place to enjoy a boat ride.

A Treasure Trove Of Nature

Surrounded with panoramic landscapes, the Vellayani Lake spread across an area of nearly 7.5 square kilometers. Long stretches of flourishing paddy fields and swaying coconut groves make this area a treasure trove of nature. The crystal clear water of this lake is certainly a treat to the eyes of visitors. You will love to watch the beauty of this lake at nights when the beam of moonlight falls on it.  The serenity and peacefulness of it calm the mind of each visitor.  The blossoming lotus flowers that float on the lake add the charm of it. Plan a trip to the Vellayani Lake during Onam in order to participate in the lively and vibrant boat race.

 Enjoy Boat Ride

Travelers can enjoy the fun and excitement of a thrilling boat ride through the crystal clear waters of the Vellayani Lake. Boating is a fantastic way for you to get immersed in the matchless beauty of the nature of this destination. The areas surrounding this lake are picturesque and serve as excellent picnic spots. You can plan a memorable day out to these places with your family or friends.

Best Time To Visit

Vellayani Lake is considered as a sacred lake and locals worship it.  From August to February is the best time to visit this tourist spot and its surroundings. The nature is at its best during this time.  This region is usually crowded during the festival of Onam and many people visit here to enjoy the vibrant boat race.

How To Reach

Reaching Vellayani Lake is pretty easy as it is only 7 kilometers away from the famous beach destination of Kovalam. Travelers can hire a taxi or board a tourist bus in order to reach this picnic spot. Rich in bounty and beauty, visiting the Vellayani Lake shall be a mind-blowing experience. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is very close to this place and the Thiruvananthapuram Central Bus station is only 9 kilometers from this picnic spot. Plan a trip to the capital city and explore its beautiful tourist attractions through KSU.

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