The Pictorial Paintings Of Edakkal Caves Wayanad

Edakkal Caves is a must-visit tourist attraction in Kerala located in the Wayanad district famous for exquisite rock and wall carvings. The caves of this Neolithic settlement are dating back as far as 6000 BC. These pre-historic caves are naturally occurring alcoves that lie almost 1200 meters above sea level. You need to take a 1 ½ hour trekking to reach the cave entrance and another 45 minutes to hit the mouth of Edakkal Caves. We, KSU help travelers to enjoy their vacations in Kerala. Visit our website to know the popular tourist destinations in Wayanad and to plan your holidays.

Pictorial Paintings

The picturesque paintings of Edakkal Caves are believed to be of 6000 BC. Two chambers are there inside this cave. The lower chamber of it has 18 feet long, 12 feet wide and 10 feet high while the upper chamber is of 96 feet long, 22 feet wide and 18 feet high. By watching the carvings of Edakkal Caves, you will get an idea about a highly civilized society that lived in the pre-historic age. You can watch not only the carvings of human and animal figures but also objects used by humans on the walls of the caves. You will not be disappointed for your 45 minutes climb the hill once you reach this cave and watch it’s the pictorial paintings.

Archeological Significance

Edakkal Caves in Kerala is the only known place in the country with Stone Age carvings.  By visiting this historically importance place, you can watch rock carvings belonging to the Neolithic and Mesolithic age. Everything in this tourist spot is interesting and has archeological significance.  Visitors can also see scripts in Tamil and Brahmi in the Edakkal Caves. It is believed that these caves have some connection with Indus Valley Civilization. Nearly 400 signs were found from this place recently and it suggests the relationship of this place with the ancient civilization.


Fred Fawcett was discovered Edakkal Caves in 1890 when he was on hunting. He came across a stone axe in a coffee estate in this place which was believed to be used by a Neolithic Celt. The man had deep interest in history and he decided to explore more. He discovered this place because of his keen interest in history.  There are three distinct types of rock carvings are there in Edakkal Caves and the oldest one is dating back to nearly 8000 years ago.

Things To Do

  • It is interesting and challenging to reach the Edakkal Caves after a steep climb from minor caves to major caves.
  • You will love the idea of spend a day or two with the tribal settlement in this region. However, remember to take prior permission from the concerned authority.
  • You also need to take prior permission from the authorities if you plan to visit this historically important place.
  • There is a small pond that forms at the end of the cave and visiting this place calm your nerves and makes you refreshed.
  • Soochippara Waterfall is not far from Edakkal Caves. Visiting this fall is truly refreshing.

Traveler Tips

Do not throw plastics here and there during your trip to Edakkal Caves as it is a plastic-free zone.

Being a historical landmark, visitors are not allowed to touch the paintings on the walls of the caves.

Any damage to the caves will be treated as an offence.

It is not allowed to carry snack packs inside the caves and if you carry any such items, fine will be levied.

Best Time To Visit

With cool pleasant climate, summer is the best time to visit Wayanad and explore its tourist attractions.  The monsoons in Kerala coupled with heavy lightning and thunder make the trip to this tourist destination difficult. So, it is better to avoid the months of June and July if you want to explore Wayanad and enjoy the thrilling adventure activities offered by this destination. Winters are also the best time to pack your bags to enjoy the pictorial paintings of Edakkal Caves.

How To Reach

Kozhikode/Calicut is a perfect base to explore the beauty of Edakkal Caves. The nearest railway station, Kozhikode is about 87 kilometers from this tourist spot. Karipur International Airport is the nearest airport which is about 3 hours away if you choose the Calicut-Wayanad route.  You will be able to reach Edakkal Caves from Wayand within half an hour by choosing the National Highway 766. Travelers can take a taxi or hire a cab from the airport or railway station to make the trip to this tourist spot more enjoyable and convenient.

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