Vellarimala, an awe-inspiring mountain range is a great trekking destination in Kerala ideal to spend a weekend in a relaxed way. There is a breathtaking waterfall in this place with rolling grassy nature and diverse rapids and creeks. Besides, visitors can get beautiful views of the Kanjirapuzha River, a tributary of River Chaliyar. Most of the trail to this beautiful destination is through dense forest where you could hardly get to see the sky. Passing through small streams and dense forest can be a refreshing experience for the visitors. Get details of the location and other information through our website

Ideal Place To Relax

Vellarimala, a part of the Western Ghats is spread across the Thiruvambady Panchayat in Kozhikode district and Meppadi Panchayat in Wayanad district. It is also contiguous with the beautiful Nilgiri Mountain ranges of Tamil Nadu. A lot of people visit Vellarimala in order to enjoy the adventure and the sheer thrill the place has to store for them. Each visitor to this place can go back with a refreshed body, mind and soul.

A Hiker’s Dream

Vellarimala is a suitable choice for those who look for an ideal destination to spend their weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city that revitalizes them completely. It shall be interesting for you to trek through the tortuously winding terrain that goes deep into the forests of the Western Ghats. Most of your trekking is through dense evergreen forests with abundant undergrowth. The rough terrain of this region can make your trekking expedition slow. However, each footloose wanderer will remember his trekking to Vellarimala for a lifetime.

Olichuchattam falls is the first stop-over for people who opt for trekking to Vellarimala. Unlike other waterfall, the water at this cascade runs down rapidly a massive rock face that slope an angle of nearly 45 degrees. You can reach the top of this waterfall by climbing along the periphery of the rock. Trekkers to Vellarimala used to choose this place for their lunch break. You may get relief for your aching feet if you soak them in the cool shallow waters of the Olichuchattam falls before proceeding to your journey to the desired destination.

Ketan Para is the first viewpoint of the Vellarimala range where you can rest for a while on the way. Travelers can enjoy mind-blowing vistas of the valleys and hills from this viewpoint. It shall be amazing for them to watch those never-ending waves of rocky ridges from the viewpoint as far as the eyes can see. You can reach the REC Para after walking another thirty minutes from the Ketan Para which is located at the foothills of Vavul Mala. People love to pitch camp at this spot for the night during their trekking to Vellarimala.

Vavul Mala

Vavul Mala is the highest peak of Vellarimala Range and people usually try climbing up it only on the next day after enjoy camping at the Ketan Para. Since there are no clearly defined path to reach Vavul Mala, travelers usually follow paths beaten by animals. Much of the trekking to this spot would be through rich forest. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the nearby ranges once you reach a clear area in the forest. Trekkers will certainly enjoy the views of those ranges that play hide and seek with the mist. The cool breeze at this destination make you feel fresh.

How To Reach

Vellarimala trek usually takes around 9 hours and it is not possible to return in the same day. For people who wish to enjoy trekking to Vellarimala needs to reach the Muthappanpuzha in Thiruvambady Panchayat. It is the place where the trekking begins and travelers can take KSRTC buses from Thiruvambady town to reach Muthappanpuzha. They can also hire jeep to reach this place from Thiruvambady. Cochin International airport is nearly 200 kilometers away from Vellarimala.

Travel Tips

Since Vellarimala is a restricted area, trekkers need to take prior permission from the Forest Department to enter it. It is advisable to take the service of a guide as there are no visible trails to follow to reach this destination. With the help of guides, one can easily get permission from the Forest Department for the trek to Vellarimala. Carry enough food and water during your trekking to this hot spot. Also ensure to carry light-weighted sleeping bags as it is difficult to complete the trekking in a single day.

Vellarimala is for the adventure lovers. If you are looking for an adrenaline-rushing trekking, get your backpack, strap on your trekking boots and get ready for a thrilling journey. Contact KSU to get more details about this picnic spot.

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