Edathua Perunnal

Edathua Perunnal is a famous local festival in Kerala celebrated at the St. George’s Church, Edathua which is almost 15 kilometers away from Thiruvalla. It is a popular festival for the Christians in the state but people belong to all religions visit this church during the festival time. A large number of believers from different parts of the state gather to this scenic pilgrim center to participate in the celebrations. Get more details about Edathua Perunnal and the popular pilgrim centers in the state and their festivals through the website KSU. Visit www.ksu.in to plan your pilgrim holidays in Kerala with your family and friends.

Edathua Church

Edathua church is a 200-year old church in Kerala located on the scenic banks of the one of the tributaries of River Pamba. Also known as St. George Catholic Church, it is among the most popular Catholic churches in the state. Dedicated to St. George, this church was established in 1810 which resembles the medieval churches in Europe. The architecture of this holy site is eye-catching. Not only Christians but people belong to other religions from Kerala and the neighboring states particularly Tamil Nadu visit this temple regularly.

Founded on 29th September 1810, Edathua church is one of the major Christian pilgrim centers in South India. It is a very ancient orthodox church which was believed to be established by St. Thomas, a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Annual Feast

The annual feast of Edathua Church is very popular which begins on the 27th April of every year with hoisting of the flag. This enormous feast renowned as the Edathua Perunnal concludes on the 7th May. The statue of St. George decorated in gold regalia is carried out during this feast and placed on the dais at the centre of the cathedral. Devotees from neighboring states also visit this church during the perunnal in order to participate in the feast. In fact, they are the prime contributors to the Edathua Church. Devotees from other states spread themselves in the vast area or sometimes they stay in the residents of the local people. The popularity of this feast also helps the development of Edathua as an important commercial center for the agricultural workers and rice farmers in the Kuttanad region.

Visit The Church To Get Blessings From St. George

During the Edathua perunnal, family members and relatives of residents in Edathua come and visit the houses of their relatives. The occasion is more like a family together and almost like a Thanksgiving and Christmas in Europe and USA. Edathua Church is a fascinating church famous for its magical deed. Many devotees of this church deeply believe that they can cure any diseases by visiting this shrine and pray here. As a result, people from different parts of South India reach here as a pilgrimage in order to get blessings from St. George. Visit Edathua Church during the annual feast as the church looks magnificent and grand for long 11 days.

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