Travel Kerala – What Others Do Not Tell You

Kerala Gods Own Country
Kerala – Gods Own Country

The realities that exists and need to be taken care of :

  • Building a great rapport with your driver would actually take you a long way during your trip. Since most drivers are not only highly qualified and highly experienced they also maintain a great information network with the other drivers around the state. This gives them knowledge about not only the geographical aspects and places that offer good time at great prices but on sensitive details like people’s behavior, the safety of specific areas and etiquettes to be followed at various places while on the trip, as well.
  • Roads in Kerala are not equipped for night driving especially along the high range areas. Fog/mist and lack of adequate safety measures on the highways make most roads treacherous at night. Therefore, it is strictly advisable to abstain from driving after its dark, especially after 6 pm and before 6 am.
  • Even though most hotels do have help desks, the information available is either vague or incomplete, since at most places the kiosks are handled by inexperienced interns. Therefore, it’s better to rely on maps, policemen, and drivers for all forms of details.
  • Strictly follow the rules while taking photographs at all times, especially while at religious centers
  • Take special care to respect beliefs and customs at all religious centers, irrespective of their size and stature. Always dress appropriately and leave your footwear outside while visiting such places.
  • Mosquitoes: By virtue of its geographical aspects, Kerala, unfortunately, serves as an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes. Therefore, it’s advisable to pack in some good quality mosquito repellent – both vaporizer and body cream – while on a trip. It’s also recommended to pack in pairs of leech socks if planning a trip to the plantation or forest areas.
  • Abstain from using your cell phone during a cultural performance, so as not to disturb others in the audience.
  • Strictly avoid littering or making loud noise while in bird/wildlife sanctuaries, forests, or national parks.
  • While shopping, for a great bargain, it’s always advisable to cross-check with your driver cum guide, before making the purchase. Also, use your instincts tactfully, while bargaining with craftsmen/artisans.

Guaranteed Authenticity :
Ours’ is a body of native tour enablers and it’s our duty and need to make the trip memorable and most exciting for our clients. Therefore, we are morally bound to present the actual picture of the conditions available here in the state. Our information is based on our own experiences and genuine feedback from previous guests, which makes ours’ the most authentic information.

  • Languages: Malayalam, English, Tamil, Hindi
  • Money: There is no limit to the amount of foreign currency that visitors can bring.
  • Banks: Banks are open for transactions from 10:00 – 15:30 hrs on weekdays and from 10:00 – 12:00 hrs on Saturdays.
  • ATMs: Most towns in Kerala do have at least one ATM counter. While Federal Bank has the most ATM kiosks in Kerala, ICICI Bank, SBI/SBT, AXIS Bank, HDFC, and Union Bank ATMs are also available at large.
  • Debit/Credit Cards: Main hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers honor major debit/credit cards. It’s also advisable to carry some cash while on the trip, as smaller shops do not have card payment facilities.
  • Time : (Hours fast (+), slow (-) on IST) – USA: 10.30, Germany: 4.30, Canada: 10.30, France: 4.30, Australia: 4.30, Spain: 4.30, UAE: 1.30, UK: 5:30.
  • Best time to visit: High season: September-May; Monsoon Rejuvenation programs: June-August
  • Travel Kit: Cotton outfits; hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc.
  • Drugs: Heavy penalties including imprisonment for possession of narcotic drugs.
  • Ayurveda: Visit only those Ayurveda centers that are classified/approved by the Department of Tourism. ( Top Choice – Ranger Woods, Thekkady )
  • Food: All standard restaurants offer a variety of cuisines including Continental, Chinese, Indian, and typical Kerala food.
  • Medical Help: Even though well-appointed hospitals and well-stocked medical shops are available all over the state, it’s strictly advisable to carry enough quantity of the prescribed medicines while on trips into remote forest, high-range, and plantation areas.
  • Emergency Numbers: Police control room: 100; Fire station: 101; Ambulance: 102, 108; Police Helpline: While traveling on Highways (Highway Alert Number): 9846 100 100; While traveling in Trains (Railway Alert Number): 9846 200 100 Police Website:
  • Temple Codes: Some temples do not permit entry to non-Hindus. Strict dress codes are followed in most of the temples. Footwear is banned inside all temple premises.
  • Safety: Even though the state is relatively safer than other Indian states, it’s always advisable to use your instincts and be alert and stay within the rules of safety while traveling around.
  • Nudity: Nudity is not allowed on any Kerala beach.
  • Smoking: Smoking is strictly banned in public places.
  • Footwear in Houses: Visitors to most Kerala houses leave their footwear outside before entering the house.
  • Mobile Connectivity: While there is no dearth of mobile operators in Kerala, it’s always advisable to carry at least two connections from different mobile operators while on tour, especially in high-range/hilly regions, where you are most likely to receive sporadic signals.
  • Internet Access: while most hotels in Kerala do have wifi-facilities, internet cafes/kiosks are also available in most towns, irrespective of their sizes.
  • Demonstrativeness in Public: Behaviour, demonstrating affection in public like hugging or kissing is not an accepted practice in Kerala.
  • Power Cuts: A flashlight is also a must, as power cuts are frequent in the town.
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries: To visit a wildlife sanctuary, prior permission has to be taken from the authority concerned of the sanctuary. Forest Department Website:
  • For further inquiries, contact: The Chief Conservator of Forests, Thiruvananthapuram 695 014, Tel: + 91 471 2322217
  • Government of Kerala Official website: To know more about Kerala, visit the website of the Government of Kerala –

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