5 Reasons To Visit Kerala During The Monsoon

Top 5 Reasons Why You Must Visit Kerala In The Monsoons

It is not exciting to travel during monsoon for many people but several advantages are there if you choose monsoon months to explore Kerala.

  • Get Good Discounts

Kerala is an expensive tourist destination in India and travelers can enjoy huge discounts on accommodation if they travel the state during monsoon. It is easy to find economical lodging if you choose Monsoon time to explore Kerala. Peak season starts from November to March and even if you visit the state in September or October, you can enjoy discounts up to 50% on rooms. It is interesting to know that even the popular backwater houseboats in Kerala offer good deals during off months. So, simply bargain and get great discounts and enjoy the beauty of rain conveniently.

  • Celebrate Onam

Onam takes place either in the month of August or September and travelers can participate in the celebration of this biggest state festival if they visit Kerala during this time. This festival is related to legendary King Mahabali who ruled over the state. This harvest festival last for 10 days and holidaymakers can enjoy a lot of things including eye catching flower patterns, costumed parades and snake boat races. Onam feast is another great thing that nobody will forget. So, make a memorable holiday in Kerala by visiting the state during Monsoon.

  • Best Time For Ayurvedic Treatments

The best time for undergoing Ayurvedic treatments and therapies is monsoon as the atmosphere is damp during this time. The ideal climate make the pores open and make them more receptive for Ayurvedic massages and herbal oils. This ancient health system is suitable to cure several ailments such as insomnia and arthritis through refreshing and rejuvenating massages and treatments and use of herbal medicines and oils. Besides, it is not difficult to find herbs and other medicinal plants during this season.

  • Enjoy The Sound Of The Rain

Enjoy the beauty and sound of rain drops and the smell of wet mud by visiting the state during monsoon months. It must be relaxing and mind-blowing and just lie in your bed and enjoy the sounds of rain. It is truly magical to visit Kerala during monsoon and enjoy the refreshing feel of rains at this time.

  • Rich Greenery

Of course, Kerala is a green state and monsoon enhances its greenery. The rich flora and fauna during monsoon make it a favorite place for many nature lovers and holidaymakers. Rains truly enhance the beauty of this eye catching state during monsoon season.

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