The 5 ’Oh So Cool’ Travel Gadgets

Yes, nothing can substitute the thrill and excitement of traveling. People love to plan long trips even if they have a wonderful social life, attractive job and living in a vivacious city. However, travelers face different problems during their trip like to non-availability of clean water and difficulty to find proper sleep. We KSU give an idea about the most advanced travel gadgets that make your trip easy and excited. Get an idea about them and enjoy each trip like a pro. Take a look at them!

Small Washing Machine

You may be a globetrotter and do whatever you like but at the end of a day, you love to get all your outfits clean. The pile of dirty clothes should make you worry and the large laundry bill will be another problem. Look at this Scrubba wash bag which can be a magical piece for you. With flexible wash board, you can wash your clothes within 3 minutes with some detergent and a few liters of water. This pocket sized washing machine is available at an affordable price. No doubt, it is a cool gadget for you!

Female Urination Device

Of course, finding a clean restroom can always be a nightmare for ladies. Sometimes, you may plan trips to remote corners of the world where basic facilities are difficult to find. Then you can stand up and pee if you carry GoGirl with you which is a portable female urination device made up of silicone. This reusable device can be a boon for females while traveling which can be reused after washing it with water and soap. Keep one in your purse and make your trip hassle-free.

Secure Clothing For Safe Travel

T-shirts or underwear with a safe pocket! A smart way to travel safely without the fear of pick-pocket! You can keep all your valuables including passport and money in this safe pocket while traveling. It is a safe way to keep all your valuables without the fear of losing them. You can enjoy a safe trip in traditional style if you buy a comfortable one from Clever Travel Companion’s secure clothing line.

Drinking Water, Anywhere

Keep a Lifestraw with you while traveling and forget the fear of falling sick by drinking contaminated water. Most of us prefer to drink bottled water during trip to avoid the risk of falling sick. With a cool gadget like Lifestraw, you can drink water off even from a stagnant lake or a muddy pond.  No doubt, it is truly a travel companion.

Ostrich Pillow

Enjoy a quick nap without worrying about your chatty seatmate if you have an Ostrich Pillow with you. With such a travel device with durable covering, you can enjoy a good nap by covering your entire head and neck. Keep one with you during your travel if you ready to spend some bucks.

KSU loves to give information about anything unique related to travel. Visit our website to get tips on travel to make your trip a memorable and beautiful experience.

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