Ten things To Know About Al Gharbia

Ten things To Know About Al Gharbia – Al Gharbia is a sparklingly beautiful oasis known for its natural beauty situated in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. Here we are stating the ten things about Al Gharbia which is not known to the world of tourists.

[list type=”arrow”][li]Al Gharbia forms about two thirds of the UAE and it houses Liwa, a historically important, beautiful oasis city that is perched on the entrance to Rub al Khali or the Empty Quarter, the largest sand desert in the world.[/li] [li]Al Gharbia is decorated with ancient forts. The multitudes of ancient forts echo the golden history of Al Gharbia.[/li] [li]An extremely beautiful coastline and a majestic four star hotel is situated in the enchanting port town of Al Mirfa.[/li] [li]Moreeb Hill which is at a height of 300ms. is one of the largest sand dunes in the world. The Moreeb hill is situated in the Liwa desert and it is the apex for desert safari addicts. [/li] [li]Delma Island was inhabited by the people who were interested in pearl fishing and the island still have the relics of the ancient rich maritime heritage.[/li] [li]The Arabian wild life Park is situated on the Sir Bani Yas Island and it contains about a 400 herd of gazelles (Arabian Oryx). It is the largest number of gazelle species in the world. [/li] [li]Desert islands Resort and Spa is located on the Sir Bani Yas Island. A number of adventurous activities are facilitated by the resort. It includes kayaking through mangrove forests, snorkeling in waters, mountain biking, hiking over salt domes and guided tour among the Arabian Wild Life Park.[/li] [li]Liwa date festival is held every year on July. It helps us tourists to delve deep into the different process of date farming and harvesting. It also acquaints us with the various products that are made from the single date fruit.

Al Dhafrah Camel festival is celebrated every year on the month of December in Madinat Zayed, the capital of Al Gharbia. It celebrates the prominence of the camel, also known as the Ship of the Desert. It also holds the camel beauty contest which is the sole event of such a kind in the whole world.
The Al Gharbia water sports Festival is held every year in Al Mirfa. It is a dream destination for all the water sports lovers.[/li] [/list]

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