Starting Tomorrow, Kochi Metro Will Extend Its Services To Tripunithura

On March 6, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will dedicate Tripunithura Terminal, the final station of Kochi Metro’s first phase, to the nation. The Prime Minister will remotely flag off the inauguration ceremony from Calcutta at 10 am.

Tomorrow Marks The Launch Of Metro, Featuring The Innovative Web Open Girder System. Tripunithura Terminal marks the final station of the first phase, originating from Aluva. The trial run to Tripunithura commenced two months ago, and the line’s commissioning, approved by the Metro Railway Safety Commissioner, precedes the upcoming election.

The inaugural ceremony, beginning at 9:45 am at Tripunithura Terminal Station, will witness the Prime Minister flagging off the Kochi Metro from Kolkata. The first train, carrying differently-abled children, will depart for Aluva station from Tripunithura. Subsequently, regular services for the public will commence. Noteworthy is the station’s unique connectivity to the Tripunithura railway station.

The fare for the Aluva to Tripunithura Terminal route is Rs 75, but as a special inaugural offer, the fare up to SN Junction is only Rs 60. Similarly, the ticket price for the first phase, Aluva-Petta, and the extended route to SN Junction remains Rs 60.

Spanning an area of 1.35 lakh square feet, the terminal station allocates 40,000 square feet for commercial use. The newly added 1.16 km stretch from SN Junction Station to Tripunithura Terminal Station expands the first phase of Kochi Metro to 25 stations and 28.125 km, with a total cost of Rs 448.33 crore, covering land acquisition and construction expenses.

Notably adorned with murals, the Tripunithura metro station and pillars showcase the rich history of Attachamayam. The station’s special features include a Dance Museum exhibiting sculptures of various Kerala dance forms, set to open to the public soon. KMRL has made efforts to incorporate the city’s heritage into the station’s passenger seats, lights, and interior design.

The bustling activity at Kochi Metro’s Tripunithura terminal station is set to commence in just a few hours. The proximity of the Kochi Metro to the Tripunithura railway station marks the end of a prolonged wait for the city’s residents. Anticipation is high among the locals, who envision the metro’s arrival as a catalyst for comprehensive city development. Those arriving from the eastern regions can now conveniently disembark at Tripunithura station and seamlessly connect to the metro for Ernakulam.

KMRL authorities anticipate a surge in passenger traffic at the terminal station, with incoming passengers from the railway station contributing to the bustling atmosphere. The extension of the metro rail to Tripunithura railway station promises substantial benefits for passengers, chiefly the ability to reach their destinations swiftly, bypassing time-consuming road journeys.

A significant historical touch has been added to the Tripunithura Metro Station with the installation of a full-length image of Rajarshi Ramavarma, the visionary Maharaja of Kochi who spearheaded the introduction of railways to the city. The image, graciously provided by the royal family to KMRL officials, serves as a testament to the Maharaja’s dedication. In an era when trains terminated at Shornur under British rule, he sold 14 of the 15 gold forehead-paints of his deity Sripoornatrayesan to bring the railway to Kochi.

As the inauguration of the Tripunithura Terminal Station approaches, the workforce is expediting the final phase of construction. Activities such as board installation, parking area construction, and general cleaning are rapidly progressing at the station. Simultaneously, road works from SN Junction to the Metro Station are advancing swiftly, with employees expressing confidence in completing the road in a week.

A notable engineering feat is the use of the web open girder system, a first for Kochi Metro, in navigating the challenges posed by limited space near the flyover. The railway flyover at SN Junction incorporates 60-meter-long steel girders, offering a practical solution for connecting pillars and ensuring the metro’s smooth passage.

The development around the metro station, railway station, and bus stand is bringing these essential transportation hubs closer. The municipality aims to kick off the construction of the bus stand in June, with a projected inauguration in 2026. This convergence of railway, metro, and bus facilities is expected to foster city growth beyond the existing focal points of East Kota and Statue.

Tripunithura railway station is poised to become a major hub in the district, providing not only transportation convenience but also opportunities for business development. With dedicated parking facilities and the potential transformation of Vyttila into a bus hub akin to the Vyttila Mobility Hub, the city’s accessibility and connectivity are set to receive a substantial boost.

However, amidst this excitement, the importance of road infrastructure should not be overlooked. Locals express concerns about potential traffic congestion on Market Road, Palliparambukavu Road, and Railway Station Road if a new road from SN Junction – Refinery Road to East – Hillpalace Road near the metro station is not constructed. Emphasizing the necessity of road construction becomes crucial for ensuring the smooth integration of the metro into the city’s transportation network.

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