Shopping in Wayanad

Travelers to Wayanad never forget to enjoy a bit of shopping in addition to enjoy the charm of the scenic nature and indulge in different activities. Most of the visitors to this fascinating Kerala district prefer to buy honey and spices from there. Pepper is the most sought after spice for the travelers. Most of the spices, coffee and tea produced in this tourist destination are very much popular throughout the world. If you are planning a trip to Wayanad, you can buy a lot of things and you must certainly enjoy every bit of shopping.

Scenic plantations

Many things are there in Wayanad to fascinate tourist from across the globe such as green paddy fields, dense forests and misty mountains. It is one of the most beautiful places in Kerala and rich in spices, tea and coffee plantations. It must be an enchanting experience for the travelers to take a walk along the extensive spice or coffee plantations in the destination. Travelers love to buy spices, tea, coffee and other things as souvenirs during their visit to Wayanad.

Shopping in Wayanad

Some of the items that you can buy while you are holidaying in Wayanad are:


Many travelers prefer to buy honey collected by tribal people from the forests of the district. The pure honey from Wayanad is in high demand in the domestic as well as international market. So, remember to buy a bottle of pure honey when you are in Wayanad. Local people dip gooseberries in honey and travelers love to buy that from them.


Spices are the major item sell by most of the shops in Wayanad. You can buy many spices from this tourist destination. In addition, many coffee and tea plantations in this district and travelers can buy fresh tea and coffee during their trip to Wayanad.

Gold Jewelry

There are several shops in Sulthan Bathery and Kalpetta that sell gold jewelry. Even though most of them are designed and created by locals, they are beautiful and delicate. Take a look and buy if you love them.


Wherever you go in Wayanad, you can see plenty of handicraft items. In fact, it is not difficult to find shops that sell spices and handicrafts in this hot tourist destination. You can buy Eucalyptus oil, variety of spices, dried fruits, fashion jewelry, kitchen equipments, candles, wooden utensils, chocolates and pickles. Many people love to buy walking- sticks from the handicraft shops of Wayanad.  Most of the crafts items available in this tourist spot are made up of coconut shells, ivory, wood and metal. Handloom and bamboo products are also popular among tourists.

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