Recreational Tourism In Wayanad

Kabini River

The snow-clad mountains, dense forests and rich wildlife in Wayanad provide plenty of recreational activities for their visitors and holidaymakers. Wayanad is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in Kerala because of its natural beauty. People from across the world choose this beautiful picnic spot to explore the rich forests, majestic valleys, gorgeous streams, amazing tribal settlements and exotic wildlife. Most of the resorts and hotels in the district offer excellent outdoor recreations for their guests. Some of the recreational activities that you can indulge to de-stress during your Wayanad trips – Recreational Tourism In Wayanad

Morning Walk

It must be a wonderful experience for the travelers to enjoy morning walk along the green valleys, spice plantations or small dense forests of this destination and enjoy the beauty of the panoramic nature.

Wildlife Viewing

With 2 well known wildlife reserves, people who visit Wayanad never forget to enjoy its exotic wildlife. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, also known as Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is an abode of many wild animals including tigers, elephants, monkeys, deer, sambhars and different types of birds, butterflies, insects and reptiles.

Bird Watching

Wayanad is not only the home of so many wild animals, but you can find different types of both resident and migratory birds in this district. Besides, Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary, Pakshipathalam bird sanctuary is also a good spot for bird watchers and nature lovers to watch varieties of bird species. Watch different types of birds during your trip to Wayanad.


Most of the travelers to Wayanad prefer enjoying trekking. They love to enjoy hiking and explore the scenic vistas of the region with their loved ones. Some of the popular trekking spots in the district include Chembra Peak, Pakshipathalam and Ambukuthy range. The District Tourism Promotion Council arranges trek for the travelers to enjoy this adventurous activity.


With so many rivers, lake and streams, people who visit Wayanad never forget to enjoy boating. The freshwater lake, Pookot Lake is a good recommendation for people who prefer boating during their Wayanad trip. The beautiful earth dam Banasura Sagar Dam is constructed over it and people who choose this destination can explore the matchless beauty of the dam as well as the stunning surroundings in addition to indulge in boating.


Most of the hotels and resorts arrange facilities for camping for their guests and travelers. Many people prefer campfire which is an excellent way to reduce stress and refresh their body and soul. Camping with music certainly provides you a memorable and lifetime holiday experience.

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