Seetha Devi Lava Kusha Temple

Discover the Enigmatic Seetha Devi Lava Kusha Temple

Nestled in the heart of Kerala’s Wayanad district, the Seetha Devi Lava Kusha Temple stands as a testament to ancient mythology unlike any other site in India. Dedicated to Lava and Kusha, the revered sons of Lord Rama and Seetha, this temple is steeped in the timeless tales of the Ramayana.

According to legend, the very name “Pulpally” derives from the Malayalam term for a bed of grass, where Lava once frolicked in his childhood days. It’s said that after Rama’s exile of Seetha, she sought sanctuary in Pulpally under the protective gaze of the sage Valmiki. Tradition holds that it was within Valmiki’s nearby ashram that Seetha gave birth to the illustrious twins, Lava and Kusha.

As for the temple itself, lore whispers of its creation by the valiant 18th-century warrior, Pazhassi Raja. Local tales recount a dramatic episode involving Tipu Sultan, who purportedly sought to obliterate the temple during a military campaign, only to be thwarted by a mysterious darkness that enveloped the land at noon, attributed to the divine intervention of Seetha.

A fascinating tidbit: despite leeches being a ubiquitous nuisance in Wayanad, they mysteriously shun the temple’s vicinity. Legend has it that Seetha’s curse, aimed at the leeches that tormented Lava and Kusha, banished them for eternity.

Each year, the temple hosts a grand festival during the first week of January, drawing a diverse array of devotees and visitors from far and wide.

Planning Your Pilgrimage:

  • Nearest Airport: Calicut International Airport (approximately 111 km away)
  • Nearest Railway Station: Kozhikode Railway Station (approximately 102 km away)
  • Nearest Bus Station: Pulpally Bus Station (approximately 280 away)

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