Seclude Lansdowne – Umari Khal, Uttarakhand

Lansdowne is a quiet town in the Garhwal Himalayas where you can still walk under ancient oaks and pines without running into people. Located in the village of Umri Khal, 14km away from the main town, Seclude is just as its name suggests—away from it all— but isn’t disconnected from luxury. A perfect haven for writers and artists, the place is well-equipped with good Wi-Fi, modern amenities and great food including Garhwali meals and gourmet barbecue dinners. Guests can go on long nature walks and forest picnics in the many trails around the area. Lansdowne town is a good break for a spot of sightseeing or boating in the Bhulla Lake.
Rs. 5,510 for The Reading Room; 6316 for The Wordsmith Room; 11,186 for The Writerhouse Apartment

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