Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island lies 500 m off the coast of Abu Dhabi. It is destined to become the timeless place. This truly special place is developed by collective inspiration; it is unique and different because of its rich depth, and diverse in nature, a novel concept in the contemporary world.

Saadiyat to be defined is versatile island conceived with variety of attractions, and to cater requirements of different people around. It is going to be a popular business hub to meet the intrinsic requirements of international commerce. More then that, it is a waterfront home for residents and those who are looking for placid place to relax and stay.

The place is definitely aims to be a cultural magnet for all sorts of arts and art addicts. The place looks stunning with its architectural wonders. The place is full of beautiful architectural structures that suits to the landscape and salute to the human mind that have created the best buildings and structures for this place. Saadiyat already has serene beachfront apt for tourism. It is going to be an interesting sporting place having gulf’s first tidal and ocean golf courses. Five individual Pritzker winner’s architectural wonders can be seen in the island.

The place will surely entice the world to Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi to the world. It is a definite place to visit for the discerning tourists. Richness radiates throughout the island, it serves the cultural, social, emotional and environmental needs that is essential for the overall development of visitors and residents. The whole concept is designed in such a way to become the top destination. It is going to be an attractive international destination and a treasure of the world. The government of Abu Dhabi’s takes this ahead as a flagship project. The world is keenly looking at it and one day it will blossom into a landmark destination.

Saadiyat Island lies across 27 sq km; it consists of seven distinct districts and a developed area of 2600 ha. The place is going to be the home of 145, 000 people. The region will be connected with 12 kms of highway, 10 km of railway line and exclusive 3 inter-island bridges. There will be a strong communication network built out of latest technologies.

The island’s infrastructure is well-designed and structured. The power will be handled by one grid station and six primary sub stations. Water supply will be taken care by central storage facility. As part of the environmental philosophy, waste water will be treated by two plants and supplied for irrigation purposes.

The town can be reached by five-minute drive from downtown, 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. It takes only one hour from Dubai. There are two major highway bridges that link to the mainland.

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