Pookot Lake

Pookot Lake is a fresh water lake in Wayanad surrounded by mesmerizing mountains and rich evergreen forests perfect to enjoy boating. It is located almost 3 kilometers away from Vythiri, the lovely lake and its stunning surroundings give panoramic views to the visitors. You will love the pleasant ambience of the nature and its cool and fresh air. Visiting Wayanad can be a refreshing experience for travelers and many people visit this picnic spot to enjoy the beauty of the lake and enjoy boating.

 Serene and tranquil atmosphere

The pleasant and serene nature may be the most attractive feature of Pookot Lake. As you know Wayanad is a most beautiful district in Kerala and one of the most preferred tourist destinations for many nature lovers, holidaymakers, historians, archeologists and wildlife enthusiasts. This enchanting destination has everything to offer like so many temples, caves, waterfalls, streams, rivers, mountains, valleys and exotic flora and fauna. You will be able to enjoy the most peaceful and relaxing holidays of your life by choosing Wayanad. Your holidays will be more exciting and refreshing by visiting Pookot Lake.

Charm of Pookot Lake

Surrounded by dense forests and panoramic mountain ranges, Pookot Lake is a majestic tourist spot in Wayanad. It has an area of around 8.5 hectares and a depth of approximately 6.5 meters. Many travelers include this tranquil picnic spot in their itinerary to enjoy the charm of the verdant forests and rolling hills. The tranquil nature and romantic elements of this warm tourist destination make it one of the most preferred holiday hideaways in Wayanad.

Enjoy boating

It must be interesting for the travelers to glide through the clam and serene waters of Pookot Lake using pedal boats or row boats. They can find all the facilities to enjoy boating comfortably in this lake. Besides, people love to walk through the pathway constructed around the lake to enjoy the calm and peaceful atmosphere of this picnic spot and the charm of the surrounding hills and valleys. Visitors can also enjoy horse ride along this pathway. People who visit this tourist destination never forget to visit the nearby curio shops. They will get the chance to buy coffee, tea, spices and honey collected by tribal people during their visit to Pookot Lake.

How to reach

Located almost 3 kilometers away from Vythiri town, the nearest railway station to Pookot Lake is Kozhikode which is approximately 65 kilometers away from Vythiri. The nearest Karipur International Airport in Kozhikode is around 78 kilometers.

Best time to vsit

The best time to visit Pookot Lake and enjoy boating and other activities is from September to May.

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