Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Located nearly 1749 meters above sea level, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is a must visit destination in Wayanad to enjoy different bird species.  Wayanad is a beautiful district in Kerala famous for its enchanting nature and mist-clad hills. It is a favorite spot for many nature lovers and holidaymakers as they can spot a lot of rare wildlife, birds, butterflies, herbs and medicinal plants. Visit Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary if you would like to explore the beautiful nature and its bird species.

A haven of rare bird species

If you are avid bird watcher, Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is an ideal destination for you. For people who are on a family vacation in Kerala should really enjoy their time in this scenic district as the children with them love to spot varieties of bird species in this bird sanctuary. They can also watch exotic wildlife in Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary. In addition, there are many exciting spots near to this wonderful picnic spot.

As a great trekking spot

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is also a great trekking spot in addition to an outstanding bird sanctuary. The dense forest and steep hills in this destination are ideal to enjoy several activities such as walking, trekking and biking. In fact, many trekkers find it an excellent place to enjoy trekking. Most of the areas in Wayanad suitable to indulge different adventure activities and Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary also provide plenty of chances for that. You will certainly enjoy watching the beautiful nature and feel the fresh air of the destination in addition to watch different species of birds and wildlife.

How to reach

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is nearly 32 kilometers away from Mananthavady and approximately 66 kilometers from Kalpetta. The nearest airport is Calicut / Kozhikode International Airport while nearest railway station to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is Kozhikode. You can easily reach the destination by road as there are many government and private bus services available to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary.

Best time to visit

There are so many dense forests in Wayanad and it is difficult to explore them during rainy season. The best time to visit the tourist attractions in this district is from October to May. So plan your trip to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary any time between October and May.

Travel Tips

There are a lot of trekking trails in Wayanad and you can get so many trekking opportunities during your trip to Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary. So, it is wise to keep a pair of trekking shoes if you plan a trip to Wayanad.

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