Philosophy of Ayurveda

The prime aim of the philosophy of Ayurveda is to get rid of the cause of disease and re-installs balance to our system. As per Ayurveda, we are made of three bodies’ physical, astral, causal in other words body, mind and soul.

In more authentic way, Ayurvedic philosophy states that the human body is composed of five elements – space, air, fire, water, and earth – in diverse compounding form three somatic body fluids – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These factors have to stay in perfect equilibrium; once it breaks it leads to ill health.

To embrace Ayurveda means exemption from death and disease. Ayurvedic philosophy acts on the philosophy of building strong immune system to escape from diseases and to stay healthy. Ancient Vedic word for immunity is pardon of disease; disease is the result of negative thoughts and wrong lifestyle. Ayurveda believes in the relationship between, self, personality and everything that goes into our mental, emotional and spiritual being to give us good health.

Ayurveda states “Good Health the Greatest Wealth of Human”………

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