PETA Tour Operators Agree To Eliminate Elephant Rides

It is true that tourism can be an effective way for travelers to interact with animals. However, in many destinations, such attractions are not managed properly and jeopardize the welfare of the animals. Everybody knows that elephant ride is a popular part of wildlife tourism in many countries but nowadays many organizations act against using animals to attract tourists.

It must be interesting for the wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers to know that the well known advocacy group, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) comes with a fast-growing campaign and made agreements with 6 well known tour operators to stop elephant ride as a way to attract tourists. This is in fact a great move to stop using animals for promoting tourism.

A Scottish tourist was crushed to death in Thailand in last February after being thrown by an elephant while he enjoying an elephant-ride. This is the main reason behind this greatest move taken by PETA which appreciated by many people. This incident reported throughout the world and PETA use this report for their campaign and to communicate tour operators and wholesalers for stopping the use of animals to promote tourism.

They believe that using animals to attract tourists should harm both animals and tourists alike. Elephants are highly intelligent animals and they suffer while using for tourist attractions and other purposes. The elephant training sessions that are designed for promoting tourism will harm and break them.

In order to cooperate with the campaign, many leading tour operators like Costco Travel, First Festival Travel, Butterfield & Robinson, Collette, Mayflower Tours and Alexander+Roberts agreed to eliminate animals for attracting tourists. They agreed to remove elephant rides from their itinerary as a part of attracting tourists.

This new agreement has made considerable changes across the tourism industry and certainly a backlash for companies that use animals to attract tourists. Several Asian Circus companies also agreed that they no longer use elephants in their traveling circus. Besides, 20 travel companies decided to discontinue selling elephant shows and rides based on the latest push by PETA.

Animals suffer a lot while performing different shows and during rides. So, it is important for the travelers to think twice before they participate in such wildlife experiences. Many animal-right groups have been trying to make awareness among people about issues related to animal rights. They became successful in their attempts which lead to the decreasing demand from the side of tourists for using animals for entertainment.

It is certainly a great move from the side of tour operators to eliminate elephant rides. Watching wildlife is always exciting but you must remember to go for an animal-friendly holiday to put an end to animal abuse.

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