Gold Jewellery In Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates has the reputation of having many good gold jewellery in Abu Dhabi.

It is truly amazing to see a lot of eye-catching gold shops in the country selling beautiful ornaments of gold and other metals. There is no doubt that gold has been a good investment even if there is a temptation for gold for adornments.
Everybody loves the activity of purchasing gold in Abu Dhabi because of its wide range of styles. You can see elegant western designs to ornate and opulent wedding Arabian jewellery. Whatever may be your taste, you can get it from the shops in Abu Dhabi. With plenty of styles of gold jewellery on offer, it is difficult for the travellers to walk away without owning a unique piece during their visit to the UAE capital.
Gold is available in 18, 21, 22 or 24 carats. Usually a small amount is also charged for the craftsmanship of the jewellery in addition to its price based on the intricacy of the design. Whether it is for investment purposes or to mould for making your own designer piece, you can buy gold in varying sizes as well.
Usually each gold store in Abu Dhabi displayed the price per gram of the gold each day. It is the tendency of the stores to have a list for the price of the gold, but in case if a particular shop has not such list, you can ask the price of the metal on that day. One thing you must remember when shopping gold is that the price of it may vary every day.
One of the great advantages of shopping for gold in Abu Dhabi is that it is safe and secure. You can get good products made up of real gold from any of the gold shops in the country. Besides, you can find an array of designs from different countries including Emirati designs.
If you have plans to own jewellery items during your Abu Dhabi vacation, then Madinat Zayed Shopping Centre is the right choice. You can find many jewellers in this gold souk. Shopping enthusiasts can find several big name gold jewellers in the shopping malls of Abu Dhabi in addition to souk such as Tiffani & Co., Cartier and Chopard.
Many regional jewelers are also there to visit like Pure Gold Rivoli and Damas that provide elegant and catchy designs of gold jewellery. People love to buy gold from the shops in Abu Dhabi whether it is for auspicious sentiments or investment purposes.

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