Papanashini is a popular destination in Wayanad hidden in rich forest where Hindu devotees visit to perform religious rituals for ancestors and last rites. This is a mountain stream and people love to enjoy spectacular views of Sunrise and Sunset at Papanashini temple. In addition to perform ancestral rituals, visiting this temple and taking dip in the Papanashini River can be a refreshing experience for the travelers.

Papanashini – the mountain stream

Papanashini is a popular mountain stream in Wayanad attracts thousands of tourists every year. Located almost 1 kilometer away from the well known Thirunelli temple, this stream is starting from the Brahmagiri Mountain ranges. It is believed that taking a dip in this Papanashini River may wash away all your sins. Besides, many devotees perform ancestral rites and last rites on the banks of Papanashini River. Most of the temples in this destination are age old and a delight for so many historians and archaeologists.  The sculptures in this temple are truly beautiful and fascinate people from across the globe.

For performing ancestral rites

Papanashini joins the Kalindi River which is the tributary of the Kabani River. Later it joins Kaveri River. There is a belief that both River Ganga and River Saraswathi join in this River Papanashini. Simply include Papanashini and Thirunelli Temples in your itinerary for some wonderful religious experience. Travelers can take a dip in the holy river to wash away all their worldly sins. Many people visit this sacred place to immerse ashes of their relatives because immersing ashes in this river is equivalent to doing rituals in Gaya.

Enjoy beautiful views of nature

Located in the midst of dense woods, spending a few hours in the Papanashini temple can be a refreshing and mind-blowing experience for the visitors. You will be able to watch stunning views of the scenic nature by visiting this lovely tourist destination in Wayanad. The nearest Brahmagiri ranges offer beautiful mountain views for the visitors. Karimala is the west side of this temple while Narinirangimala surrounds the south side of Papanashini. Both of them enhance the majestic beauty of this ancient temple.

Explore Incredible Wayanad

Wayanad can be a good recommendation for travelers who would like to enjoy the scenic nature of Kerala. Besides, it offers plenty of adventure activities for them. The valleys, hills and rocks of this district are mind-blowing and exploring these attractions can be a beautiful experience. Never forget to visit Papanashini to know the culture and traditions of the state and to take a dip in the stream to wash away all your sins.

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