Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls is an impressive waterfall in Wayanad located almost 29 kilometers away from Kalpetta cascading from a height of 300 meters in 3 stages. It is the biggest waterfall in the district and a popular picnic spot. Wayanad is famous for many beautiful waterfalls and Meenmutty Falls plays an important role in the tourism scenario of the district. This 3 tiered waterfall is the second largest cascade in the state. Never forget to visit this top tourist attraction if you plan a trip to Wayanad in Kerala.
Stunning Wayanad
Wayanad has a lot to offer for its visitors as the district is famous for its scenic nature, exotic flora and fauna, misty hills, green valleys and gorgeous rivers and streams. You can find so many enchanting waterfalls if you explore this panoramic tourist destination. Fishes used to block at this spot and hence this waterfall got this name.
Eye catching waterfall
The main attraction of this waterfall is that it falls down in three tiers giving a triple-decker appearance to the viewers. The view of the waterfall is truly awesome and you will certainly forget your effort to reach the spot once you see the beauty of this cascade. If you visit Meenmutty Falls during monsoon, you can enjoy the beauty of it only from a distance because of the massive level of water.
How to reach
Meenmutty Waterfalls is nearly 29 kilometers from Kalpetta located on the Ooty main road. You will love the jungle walk of approximately 2 kilometers to reach this stunning spot because of the spectacular views that you enjoy during trekking. The nearest airport to Meenmutty waterfalls is Calicut/Kozhikode International Airport and the nearest railway station is Kozhikode.
Travel tips
Even if it is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state, Meenmutty Waterfall is considered as a risky picnic spot. So, it is wise to take a little care while enjoying the beauty of the cascade especially if you travel with kids. Visiting this waterfall during monsoon is not advisable as it may be dangerous. Since there are many trekking trails in Wayanad, it is wise to keep a pair of trekking shoes with you if you plan a trip to this hot tourist destination. You need to trek at least 2 kilometers to reach this fantastic waterfall to enjoy its beauty.
Best time to visit
The best time to visit Meenmutty Waterfall is from October to May. It is wise to avoid visiting this waterfall during rainy season even if the cascade looks more attractive at that time.

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